Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse Duke It Out in Ghastly Times Square Ass-Whooping

Jake Rullman ?@jakerullman  21h21 hours ago Minnie Mouse and Hello Kitty got arrested in Times Square. The mascots had to pull together and have a family meeting.

The brawl occurred after cash was handed over to Hello Kitty and she was supposed to split the earnings with Minnie but didn’t, sources said.

Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse were slapped with cuffs after they toughed it out over tip money in Times Square, police sources said.

Jiovanna Melendez, 40, who was dressed as Hello Kitty, and Sandra Mocha, 34, aka Minnie Mouse, got into a brawl around 3:30 p.m. Thursday, according to police.

Melendez, of Passaic, NJ, suffered a cut to her upper lip and Mocha, 34, of Corona, Queens, had an abrasion to the right side of her face, police sources said.

Sources said the duo got into a heated argument that quickly escalated after they posed with a passer-by…..(read more)

New York Post

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