Without Riots, CNN Primetime Slips to Third Place Behind MSNBC


John Nolte reports: Other than the political benefits for central planning-Democrats that come from civil unrest in America’s inner-cities, another reason CNN president Jeff Zucker has turned his cable news network into a relentless hate machine is simple greed — the power and money that comes from increased ratings.

Riot police clear demonstrators from a street in Ferguson

There is no questions that CNN’s dishonest but ongoing smear campaigns against Christiansconservatives and the police have stolen left-of-center viewers from MSNBC. The two left-wing networks share a very small piece of viewer pie, and when CNN is ginning up hate and civil unrest, CNN usually wins a larger piece of that pie than MSNBC.


Alternately, when CNN cannot find something cynical to exploit, MSNBC picks up a bigger piece of that pie. As an example, last week, June 8 through June 12, other than Thursday evening, MSNBC earned more primetime viewers than CNN — sometimes by a very large margin…. (read more)


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