Los Angeles Times Fires Leftist Cartoonist Ted Rall For False Account About LAPD


For Marxists like Ted Rall, Lying is as natural as breathing.

Matthew Balan Breitbart’s John Nolte reported on Tuesday that the LA Times discontinued its relationship with far-left cartoonist/writer Ted Rall, after he claimed in an May 2015 item that he was “thrown up against a wall, handcuffed and roughed up by an LAPD motorcycle policeman who also threw his driver’s license into the sewer.” The LAPD subsequently released records about the 2001 police encounter (where Rall was stopped for jaywalking), which included an audiotape that “does not back up Rall’s assertions.”

From John Nolte’s report:

Ted Rall, a noxious left-wing political cartoonist who has advocated violence against conservatives and on more than one occasion revealed himself as a racist, finally went too far, even for the same LA Times that champions those who threaten Jews with curb-stomping. According to the Times, in a May 11 article, Rall outright lied about a 2001 experience he had with the LAPD….(read more)

Maetenloch at AceofSpadesHQ has this:

You’ll be shocked, shocked to find out that Rall is a lying liar who lies. In fact as far back as 2003 Ted Rall was known as a long-time scumbag. The fact that he was ever employed by reputable publications after this cartoon is reason enough for the MSM to be destroyed in a cleansing fire of incandescent righteousness…(read more)


The liberal newspaper’s editorial page editor, Nicholas Goldberg, wrote a note to readers on Tuesday about Rall’s firing. Goldberg first summarized the cartoonist’s claims against the police officer, where he also contended that “dozens of onlookers shouted in protest at the officer’s conduct.” The editor continued that the newly-released audiotape “gives no Marx-TVindication that there was physical violence of any sort by the policeman or that Rall’s license was thrown into the sewer or that he was handcuffed. Nor is there any evidence on the recording of a crowd of shouting onlookers.”

Goldberg also pointed out that Rall filed a complaint with the LAPD which made no mention of the allegation of excessive force:

In Rall’s initial complaint to the LAPD, he describes the incident without mentioning any physical violence or handcuffing but says that the police officer was “belligerent and hostile” and that he threw Rall’s license into the “gutter.” The tape depicts a polite interaction.

In addition, Rall wrote in his blog post that the LAPD dismissed his complaint without ever contacting him. Department records show that internal affairs investigators made repeated attempts to contact Rall, without success.

When he was asked to “explain these inconsistencies,” the cartoonist (who is so far to the left that he is anti-Obama, and actually got in trouble at Daily Kos in 2013 for an “ape-like” depiction of the President) stood by his claims, and did his best to brush them aside…(read more)


One Comment on “Los Angeles Times Fires Leftist Cartoonist Ted Rall For False Account About LAPD”

  1. Ted Rall says:

    by Ted Rall

    Last week, the LA Times fired me for lying in an article I wrote for them about getting arrested for jaywalking. The Los Angeles Police Department gave the LA Times an audio recording they said proved that what I wrote hadn’t happened. It was 20 seconds of talk plus six minutes of noise. Neither LA Times reporter Paul Pringle, tasked with leading the investigation into me, nor LA Times editorial page editor Nick Goldberg, bothered to authenticate the tape or to analyze it.

    With my reputation on the line, I did what the LAT should have done: I hired a professional post-production company in L.A. to take a look at the LAPD audio tape. The cleaned-up version shows shows that everything I said about the incident but that the LAPD denied was, in fact, true: the LAPD officer had been rude, so much so that he attracted a crowd of angry onlookers who shouted at him repeatedly. He did handcuff me, as I wrote.

    You can listen to the tape, and read a transcript, here: http://anewdomain.net/2015/08/02/ted-rall-lapd-la-times-second-enhanced-tape-reveals-all

    A timeline of developments in what is being called “The Ted Rall-LA Times-LAPD Scandal,” including numerous links, is here: http://anewdomain.net/2015/08/02/ted-rall-lapd-la-times-scandal-timeline

    Anyone who would like to analyze the LAPD-provided recording (.wav format) themselves is welcome to write me via the Contact form at Rall.com.

    I am exonerated.

    There is no doubt now. I am completely vindicated. Yet, strangely, Goldberg’s career-killing “Editor’s Note” remains on the LA Times website. The paper not only refuses to issue a retraction, it won’t apologize or give me back my job. I can only conclude that the LAT is engaged in a malicious attempt to destroy my reputation with its defamatory smear, and ginned up the ridiculous charge that I lied as an excuse.

    I hope that fair-minded readers will be able to set aside their politics and other personal biases, and consider both sides of the story. On many occasions, I have defended conservatives from unfair attacks by liberals. For example, I opposed boycotts against Rush’s advertisers as well as those of Dr. Laura, because it is important to defend press freedom regardless of politics. I ask, not that you simply believe me, but that you take the time to listen to the new tape and read the transcript for jumping to the knee-jerk reaction that, because I’m a leftie, I’m a liar.

    I told the truth. The LAPD lied. Without checking their story, the LAT believed the LAPD. The Times should do the right thing, and the LAPD should take appropriate action against Officer Will Durr, as well as the police officials who illegally leaked the tape to the LAT to get me fired.

    Ted Rall

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