Obama’s final emissions rule sets up a fight with states, GOP


Fewer emissions long-term, more hot air in the short term. That’s the likely consequence of President Barack Obama’s final rule on cutting carbon emissions from U.S. power plants.

The Environmental Protection Agency late Monday announced that U.S. power plants will have to cut their carbon emissions by 32% from 2005 level over the next 15 years if they want to keep operating, setting a slightly more ambitious target than the 30% it initially proposed a year ago.

The rule will be the centerpiece of the Obama’s negotiating strategy as his administration tries to tie up a global deal on arresting climate change at a summit in Paris in December. It’s also a key part of the legacy that the president will look to bequeath as he leaves office in 2016.

However, it still faces huge opposition from influential Republicans in Congress, especially those representing districts with strong coal mining constituencies…

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