Deauville Fest Pays Tribute To Orson Welles


PARIS –  reports: Deauville American film festival will pay homage to Orson Welles to mark the centenary of his birth during its upcoming 41st edition.

As part of the tribute to Welles, three of his cult movies will be screened: Citizen Kane,” “The Lady from Shanghai” and “Touch of Evil.” The documentary feature “This Is Orson Welles” by Clara and Julia Kuperberg, which is produced by TCM Cinema and Wichita Films, will also play.

Deauville described Welles as an “enduring legend of world cinema, who at an early age reinvented the grammar of his art with his masterpiece Citizen Kane. François Truffaut spoke of how Welles had inspired so many filmmaking careers. He also put his stamp of innovation on films such as ‘Falstaff,’ ‘Mr. Arkadin’ and ‘Touch of Evil.’”….(read more)


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