What Happens an Hour After Drinking Locally Sourced, Sustainable, Organic Kale Juice?


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Michelle Minton and Gregory Conko write: We’ve all done it: shared a story about some study showing that chocolate is a weight-loss miracle food or a story about how KFC serves deep-fried rat before realizing—too late—we perpetuated an untruth. We spread an inaccurate, viral story and made everyone online a little dumber. Hopefully, such experiences make us a little more skeptical, a little less inclined to take hyperbolic headlines at face-value. You might have seen this infographic making the rounds lately, claiming to show “what happens to your body an hour after drinking a can of coke.” It’s the most recent example of why you shouldn’t always believe what you read.

The infographic comes from the mind of Niraj Naik, a former U.K. pharmacist whom, according to Buzzfeed, derived the “facts” entirely from a blog posted on the website Blisstree in 2010. (Blisstree is the site that produced such hard-hitting reports as “Your Favorite Beach Is Probably Covered in Poop” and “The Mom Bod is a Thing and it’s Freakin’ Awesome.”)  The article, which has been around since at least 2007, cites no evidence for the claims….(read more)

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2 Comments on “What Happens an Hour After Drinking Locally Sourced, Sustainable, Organic Kale Juice?”

  1. Mike says:

    Reblogged this on makeaneffort and commented:
    Imagine what happens after you eat an organic banana…

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