National Review Cover: Uber and Goliath


In the August issue, Kevin D. Williamson writes:

“…Uber’s ability and willingness to serve underserved communities and to provide a technology end-around for some of New York City’s most charged social problems — unlike the situation when you’re hailing a cab at 96th and Lexington, on the Internet nobody knows you’re black — have made it more difficult for the so-called progressives to dress up their cartel-servicing as consumer protection. Even the nation’s oldest consumer-advocacy organization thinks Uber et al. serve the public better than the highly regulated cartels. ‘Government has a really important role in protecting consumers,’ says Joe Colangelo of Consumers’ Research, ‘and that applies to Uber. But it applies to protecting the public’s safety and well-being, not to preventing new technology from entering the market. The landscape that these regulations were crafted for no longer exists.’ New York, he points out, developed its taxi regulations in the inter-war era, and they were designed to address inconsistencies in service and costs. Uber solves those problems in a trans-regulatory way: Fares are advertised in advance, before the pick-up is even scheduled, and customer ratings mean that inspections effectively happen during every trip rather than once a year.

[Kevin D. Williamson’s book  “The End Is Near and It’s Going to Be Awesome”  is available at]

That’s not lost on the young people who are accustomed to having services such as Uber, Seamless, and Open Table acting as their own personal 24-hour concierge.”

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2 Comments on “National Review Cover: Uber and Goliath”

  1. […] この間、「Uber and Goliath」というタイトルが表紙に書いてある雑誌を図書館で見かけた。表紙のイラストは、黄色と黒のチェックの服を着てTAXIとかいてある帽子(?)を被った腹の出た巨人と、背中に「U」と書かれたチュニックを着てiPhoneを振り回しているスリムな長髪男性が戦っている様子だ。 […]

  2. […] この間、「Uber and Goliath」というタイトルが表紙に書いてある雑誌を図書館で見かけた。表紙のイラストは、黄色と黒のチェックの服を着てTAXIとかいてある帽子(?)を被った腹の出た巨人と、背中に「U」と書かれたチュニックを着てiPhoneを振り回しているスリムな長髪男性が戦っている様子だ。 […]

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