Apple Expected to Hold Sept. 9 iPhone/Apple TV Event at Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco

Apple recently has venturing out from the norm when it comes to where it hosts its product unveil events.

Chance Miller reports: The Planning Department documents simply list that a company has reserved the location for a “trade show” running from September 4th to September 10th, although no company has publicly confirmed that it has reserved the location. Given the length of the reservation and the amount of secrecy surrounding the details, it definitely seems more than likely that Apple is behind it. Hoodline claims that its source shared documents from event logistics that confirm Apple is renting the building.

[Read the full story here, at 9to5Mac]

Security personnel and police forces have been patrolling the building this week at all hours, while heavy equipment has been loaded into a stationed around the building. Furthermore, several planned street closures also corroborate the idea of Apple holding its event at the Bill Graham Civic Center:

Furthermore, planned street closures in the area reveal that Grove Street in front of the auditorium will be shut down to traffic from 6pm on Tuesday Sept. 8th to 11:59pm on Thursday Sept. 10th, while Fulton between Hyde and Larkin will be shut down on Wednesday Sept. 9th between 4am and 11:59pm. That block of Fulton is frequently used as a staging area for film crews and equipment in the Civic Center area, as it was during February’s filming of the upcoming Steve Jobs movie.

Apple recently has venturing out from the norm when it comes to where it hosts its product unveil events. For instance, last year’s fall iPhone and Apple Watch event was held at De Anza College. This move on Apple’s part reportedly cost it over $1 million due to fees for campus disruption, security, and the use of the Flint Center itself. Of course, the Apple Watch event was the wasn’t the first time Apple had used the Flint Center. The company also unveiled the original iMac at De Anza in 1998 and the Mac in 1984, making it a marquee location in Apple’s history. Shooting for the Steve Jobs biopic was also performed at the Flint Center….(read more)

Source: 9to5Mac

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