Remembering Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, the Victims of the WDBJ7 Shooting


Remembering Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27

From a report by Philip Ross: Parker, a native of Virginia, grew up in the city of Martinsville, about 180 miles southwest of Richmond, WDBJ7 reports. She attended Patrick Henry Community College near Martinsville and graduated from James Madison University, where she worked for the school’s newspaper, in 2012.


She interned at the station that summer and returned in May 2014 as a morning reporter, New York Daily News reports. Parker had been dating the station’s evening co-anchor Chris Hurst. Hurst shared his grief on Twitter.


Ward had graduated from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, where he earned a communications and media studies degree, NBC News reports. He had worked for the station since July 2011 and was engaged to the morning producer Melissa Ott. Ott had recently accepted a new job, according to the Star-Exponent. She was in the control room as the live footage of the shooting came rolling in.



2 Comments on “Remembering Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, the Victims of the WDBJ7 Shooting”

  1. Alfonso Guerra says:

    Why does your snapshot of Chris Hurst’s tweets show timestamps about 6:35am when the shooting is supposed to have happened at 6:45am?

    • The Butcher says:

      Your question is misdirected. The question would be taken up at Twitter.Note: It’s not a ‘snapshot’ – It is the source tweet, embedded.If you click it you’ll see it’s the same tweet whether embedded, or viewed at source.

      Since the whole thing unfolded in real time nationwide with multiple reports and tweets and live broadcasts all cascading at the same time, it’s unlikely that anything could be misrepresented or hidden from view.

      Note the tweet above it is from 6:06 a.m, 29 minutes earlier. By which time the victim’s death is known. Since it appears to be shifted not by 10 minutes, but by about 40 minutes – then add another 20 minutes for those close to the event to confirm and process what happened – which makes it about one hour, one obvious thing to consider is time zones.

      Short of tying to imagine a pre-planned fake news story that’s blown because they all goofed and started tweeting too early (pretty ridiculous) there’s likely a simpler answer. But since the timestamp doesn’t include time zone info, you’d have to explore how Twitter manages timestamps and time zones – or the individual users’ time zone settings – something I don’t have any useful information about.

      Hoping to find an interesting ‘conspiracy’ or deceptive representation? That sounds like an unhappy project to explore. To imagine Chris Hurst (and any number of other people) were all actually tweeting live responses 40+ minutes before the shooting is reported to have occurred seems like a stretch. And a fragile case to advance, too easy to dispel with correct information.

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