Chinese woman buries entire life savings only to discover it decomposed underground


Next Shark (by Riley Schatzle):

An elderly Chinese woman from Muyang County wanted to protect her money several years ago so she buried 100,000 yuan ($15,600) underneath her kitchen. When she dug it up recently to pay for her son’s wedding, she was distraught to find out that her entire life’s savings had decomposed, reports South China Morning News.

The woman’s son claimed she sealed the money in plastic wrap and buried it in a metal box, but her measures were not enough as all of the banknotes were completely destroyed. He said:

“This is almost all of my parents’ life savings. They can’t accept what’s happened. So I want to go to banks and see if they have any solution.”


Although her predicament is unfortunate, most know that there is very little she can do about the ruined banknotes. An expert from The People’s Bank of China told…

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