WIPED: The Brian Fallon Moment

But they were laughing at him, not with him. National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar described it as “the new ‘definition of is’ line.” The Federalist’s Sean Davis noted a tweet from Aug. 18 in which the press secretary replied comprehendingly to a Washington Post reporter’s use of the word: “Kendall indicated server was empty months ago MT @PhilipRucker Hillary Clinton won’t say if her server was wiped clean, @PostRoz reports.” (That’s David Kendall, Mrs. Clinton’s personal lawyer.)

Actually, Fallon was rather forthcoming in the interview (see video and transcript), and the credit goes to Keilar for her probing questions. In context it’s clear that he wasn’t actually professing semantic ignorance:

The State Department asked for e-mails in paper form, she provided them. They were asked on a thumb drive, she provided them. She also provided the server. I don’t know what wiped means. The emails were deleted off the server, that’s true, but it’s quite possible, I don’t know that any steps were taken to remove any metadata.

When he said “I don’t know what wiped means,” what he meant was he doesn’t know how thoroughly the server was wiped. The emails were “deleted,” but they could still be on the hard drive or maybe even in the Trash folder….(read more)

Source: WSJ

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