BREAKING: ‘We Got Him’: Suspect Arrested in Arizona Freeway Shootings


A police SWAT team on Friday arrested a suspect in a string of shootings along an Arizona freeway that have terrified drivers over recent weeks, the governor said.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced the arrest on Twitter at around 6:59 local time (9:59 p.m. ET), with a post that began: “We got him!”

Police did not immediately provide details. A spokesman for Ducey said the arrest occurred at a Walmart. A press conference was scheduled for later Friday evening.

Eleven vehicles were shot at on or near the I-10 freeway running through Phoenix since Aug. 29, authorities have said, although some of those incidents involved bullets and others were what has been only described as “projectiles.”

The last confirmed shooting was on Sept. 10, when a bullet strike was found on a truck-tractor — although it wasn’t clear when and where the vehicle was when it was shot. The only person injured in the shootings was a 13-year-old girl hurt by flying glass….(read more)

Source: NBC News

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