Seattle-Area School District Bans Game of Tag to Ensure Kids’ ‘Physical, Emotional Safety’ 


 reports: A Seattle-area school district has banned kids from playing tag on the playground in order “to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.”

“This means while at play, especially during recess and unstructured time, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves.” 

Mercer Island School District communications director Mary Grady explained the district’s decision to revisit “expectations for student behavior” and student safety.liberal-huh

“This means while at play, especially during recess and unstructured time, students are expected to keep their hands to themselves,” she told a local Fox affiliate. “The rationale

behind this is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students.

“School staffs are working with students in the classroom to ensure that there are many alternative games available at recess and during unsupervised play, so that our kids can still have fun, be with their friends, move their bodies and give their brains a break,” Ms. Grady said.

But some parents are angry that they weren’t made part of the decision-making process to ban the popular childhood game.

“Good grief, our kids need some unstructured playtime,” mom Kelsey Joyce told Fox.

“I totally survived tag,” she said. “I even survived red rover, believe it or not.”

“I played tag,” said mom Melissa Neher. “I survived.”

At Reason writes:

“…Once again we have an age-old childhood tradition that is suddenly too dangerous for this generation of kids. How can it be that for 450+ years (and possibly since the beginning of time), kids played this very same game, but today’s youngsters are just too fragile to handle it?

Because, as psychologist and author Peter Gray so often reminds us: No other era that has ever underestimated children to this extent.

What’s more, our rule-makers do this with a condescending smile that says it is for the sweet children’s sake that we treat them like bonsai trees—delicate, beloved, in need of constant attention, and stunted.(read more)

“This decision needs to be reevaluated with input from the kids and from the community,” said Ms. Neher. She created a Facebook page to help spread the word to other parents about the ban. In less than 24 hours, hundreds of parents joined to voice their concerns, Fox reported.

On Thursday, the school district attempted to clarify.

“We want to initiate a new form of tag-like running games to minimize the issues of ‘you were tagged/no I wasn’t’ or ‘the tag was too hard and felt more like a hit.’ Tag is not banned,” the district said in a statement on its website…(read more)

Source: Washington Times

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