Clock-Boy Mohamed Finally Shows His Suspect Device


Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas-based ‘clock boy,’ picked up his supposed clock from the Irving police in an evidence bag marked ‘hoax bomb.’

Obama’s hug came one day before the boy’s family surprise announcement that they would migrate to the Muslim theocracy of Qatar, and only 10 days after the boy hugged the genocidal Islamic dictator of Sudan.

The boy’s hug was made on the same day that he declared his homeland is the Islamic theocracy of Sudan.


The boy did not bring his non-functional “clock” on his Islamic show-and-tell to his progressive allies in New York, Qatar, Saudi Arabia — yet another Muslim theocracy — then Sudan and then to Obama’s White House. He did bring his suspect device to his Irving, Texas, school on Sept. 14, causing his teachers and the local police to suspect the supposed clock was a crude hoax-bomb. The “clock” is actually a dismantled table-clock, stuffed into a metal-looking pencil case.

The clock-in-box is non-functional because the screen can’t be seen when the box is closed. The suspect device is also hazardous, because the 120-volt power system is exposed.

When the boy was briefly detained, progressives — including Obama and a group of Muslim cops in New York — profiled the Muslim boy as innocent, and profiled the local teachers and police as racists and inordinately worried about the violence urged in the Islamic holy book. The boy and his family took that anti-American prejudice around the world…(read more)


One Comment on “Clock-Boy Mohamed Finally Shows His Suspect Device”

  1. Every story told regarding this clock failed to mention that it was contained inside a box so the face was only visible when the box was open. Neither wonder it was treated like a suspect device.

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