LIBERAL HEADS EXPLODE: Kentucky’s New Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton


John Fund continues:

…Both Bevin and Hampton are Tea Party activists who have never held elective office. Hampton’s path certainly represents triumph over adversity. Born in Detroit, the 57-year-old Hampton and her three sisters were raised by a single mom who lacked a high school education and couldn’t afford a television or a car.

Bobby Ellis/ Lt. Gov. Candidate Jenean Hampton shakes hands with Jenny Goins during the ceremony to celebrate the Class of 2015 Veteran's Hall of Fame inductees.

Lt. Gov. Candidate Jenean Hampton shakes hands with Jenny Goins during the ceremony to celebrate the Class of 2015 Veteran’s Hall of Fame inductees.

But Hampton was determined to better herself. She graduated with a degree in industrial engineering and worked for five years in the automobile industry to pay off her college loans. She then joined the Air Force, retiring as a Captain.

[UPDATE – How Kentucky’s New Black Lieutenant Governor Became a Conservative – John Fund]


She earned an MBA from the University of Rochester, moved to Kentucky and became a plant manager in a corrugated packaging plant….(read more)

Source: National Review Online

24 Comments on “LIBERAL HEADS EXPLODE: Kentucky’s New Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton”

  1. Smseelig says:

    Why does she have to be Black. Why can’t She be a successful Person and Veteran. US Veteran becomes next Lt. gov.

    • The Butcher says:

      You make a good point (Ideally a person’s race should be a non-factor, I agree) but ‘successful persons’ and ‘Veterans’ becoming Lt. Gov have many precedents, many in this category have achieved electoral victory. It may be news, but it’s not headline news.

      Being a Tea Party activist in a southern state who’s also African American, elected Lt. Governor? That is rare, notable, and newsworthy, indeed.

    • Skygod says:

      The media love to keep the race card on the table.

      • The Butcher says:

        The issue of race is useful to the liberal media only when it benefits the Left. If it doesn’t, they mock it, attempt to delegitimize it. Or bury it. Or ignore it, and insist it doesn’t matter.

    • na na na that wont workn no you didnt… ha ha. could can bet your boots if she was a dem race would be all that matters

    • Diana Wynn says:

      She is one that would be inspiring to any black person. They need all the inspirations they can get. She is not ashamed of her blackness so no one else should be either. Your question is ignorant.”Why does she have to be black”. Because her parents are black. What color do you want her to be. Stop stirring the racial pot. She did good and be proud of her and her blackness. Maybe that will encourage other blacks to put down the I hate cracker signs or kill the cops rhetoric and then they can be proud of themselves also.

    • felicia brown says:

      Race mention probably because you don’t see that many Blacks in the tea party.

  2. B. Reynolds says:

    Louie Nunn (R) was elected in 1967. Ernie Fletcher (R) in 2003, now Matt Bevin. I don’t have a political bone in my body and I still knew this. Someone needs to get some facts straight before going to print……

    • The Butcher says:

      You found that some Republicans were elected. This is relevant…how?

      Were of these elected officials black Tea Party Activists?

      The basis for your complaint is questionable. Is this an effort to demonstrate that Jenean Hampton electoral victory isn’t newsworthy? Or that her race and ideological affiliation isn’t relevant?

      Your research merely helps to make the case: it’s been FOUR DECADES since a Republican served as Governor of Kentucky.

      Kentucky (and pretty much the rest of the states in the U.S.) has never had a BLACK TEA PARTY ACTIVIST elected Lt. Governor. This isn’t ambiguous. It’s straightforward, and accurate.

      The facts may be annoying to you, or uninteresting, but this doesn’t make it any less factual.

      What is this “print” you speak of? Going to print. Is there a print publication you’re referring to?

      Have you found anything that’s not factual in the story that’s posted ?

      I didn’t think so.

      Thanks for the research!

  3. B. Reynolds says:

    In your reply, you admitted that “You found that some Republicans were elected. This is relevant…how” and 3 short paragraphs later “Your research merely helps to make the case: it’s been FOUR DECADES since a Republican served as Governor of Kentucky. 2003 is not 4 decades. I have nothing against KY’s new gov or LT gov……I say YAYYYYY for them sep our LT Gov! When relevant facts are distorted in a story ……..I lose interest immediately.

    • yatesracing says:

      Good Bye glad to see you go.

    • The Butcher says:

      BRAVO! Yes, my comment here was incorrect.

      Kentucky has had but ONE GOP Governor in 44 years. Four decades, one GOP Governor. That’s an important distinction.

      Now, where in the ARTICLE do you find an error? You know, the article you’re responding to, and complaining about. Where is the incorrect or distorted fact?

      You’re on a roll. I hope you find it, and point it out. The factual error.

      Also, how do you find the results of the election not newsworthy?

      So, ‘yay’ ‘sept for the Lt Governor? That’s the election results you disapprove of? You’re displeased with Kentucky’s New Lieutenant Governor Jenean Hampton? Why do you find this unpleasant?

      Do tell us more!

      Readers: For full list of Ky Governors, go here:

      Reuters has story here:

      Republicans win Kentucky governor’s race, second time in 44 years.

      You wrote:

      “When relevant facts are distorted in a story ……..I lose interest immediately.”

      You seem pretty interested. Abnormally interested. Which is good!

      While my comment here was incorrect, you’ve yet to demonstrate where facts were ‘distorted’ in the article that we are commenting on.

      Have you found a distortion, or falsehood, in John Fund’s National Review article?

      Have a look. Make sure you fact check each part.

      When you find one, be sure and let them know.

      Thanks for your dedication, and interest, and for your complaints. Duly noted!

      • B. Reynolds says:

        I am so sorry….that was supposed to be ‘esp’…..spell checked overruled my abbreviation! So calm down, no need to be defensive. Again, YAY FOR THE LT. GOV OF KY. I mean that sincerely. I only had one point of interest/dedication and or complaint regarding the simple fact that KY has now had 3 R’s gov’s since 1967. That is all….

      • The Butcher says:

        I neglected to note the article preceding it! (also Nov 3, 2015)

        “Matt Bevin Elected Governor of Kentucky, Only the 2nd Republican Governor in 4 Decades”.

        I completely missed this. In other words, if you or I had noted the headline story that appeared here only a few hours earlier, we might have avoided the disagreement. It was right here, on the record.

        (on the other hand, it inspired some research, never a bad thing)

        Now, a minor correction. KY has not ‘had 3 GOP Governors since 1967’. It appears KY has had only two GOP Governors since 1947.

        Kentucky has had one GOP Governor since Governor Louie Broady Nunn completed his term in 1971. That Governor was Ernie Fletcher, who served 2003 – 2007.

        Governor-elect, Matt Bevin, will begin his term in January, 2016. (he doesn’t count yet)

        With respect to Kentucky’s sitting Governor, we can wait two more months. Then we can say three GOP Governors have served since 1947.

        As it stands now, only two GOP governors – Fletcher, and Nunn – have served since GOP Gov. Simeon Slavens Willis ended his term in 1947. (or three, including him)

        Come January, that’ll be three GOP Governors, in the post-war era.

        Before that, a handful of GOPs have served, in the late 19th and early 20th century, along with many Democrats.

        Trivia: Who was the first Democratic Governor? James Bennett McCreary, first served in 1875 – 1879.

        Before that? It was just a handful of Jefferson Republicans, and Whigs. And before that, mostly bears and crocodiles.

  4. Chas patsiades says:

    God bless this lady!

  5. erroneus0 says:

    Leftist/Liberals’ heads explode because this high achieving black person does not know her place! And her place is to be a victim supporting their narrative which sells their agenda.

    Now Git back in there! Hyeah!

  6. […] here is a candidate that got elected by aligning with the Tea Party, and, oh, yeah, SHE happens to be African-American and in the South […]

  7. James Snyder says:

    I listened last night to an interview with Jensen on KET. My immediate reaction was wow! If only more people like her could be elected this country would be a much better place. It’s nice to know the Commonwealth will now be led by a superb team not beholden to liberal policies that have gotten us into the mess we’re in!

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