[VIDEO] ‘Candidate Reaction’: Rubio Says U.S. Must Lead Coalition to ‘Humiliate’ ISIS


Rubio said that the safe havens of ISIS must be targeted, namely in Syria.

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio said the terror attacks in Paris are part of “a civilizational conflict,” and that Islamic terror needs to be confronted as that.

“I believe we need to subject ISIS to high profile humiliating defeat, meaning Special Operations attacks that are filmed, basically, so we can show the world that these are not invincible people.”

The Florida senator said Islamic terrorists think that “the entire world needs to believe in what they believe in, or you die.”

“This president has chosen not to pursue that because he thinks politically for him it’s admitting that we’re re-engaged in another hostility in the Middle East. So he’s trying to do the bare minimum he can without losing the political narrative that he he got us out of the Middle East and out of conflict.”

“Because of these attacks in Paris, they will add recruits, and they will raise money off of this.”

Rubio said only America can lead a coalition of western and Middle Eastern countries to crush ISIS, and that President Obama’s leadership has been absent….

Source: Fox News Insider

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