[VIDEO] The Syrians Have Arrived in New Orleans: No Women, No Kids?


Justin Holcomb reports: Heads up America, Syrian refugees have arrived and they are here to stay.

Your State Department funds are being well invested in one-way tickets for Syrian refugees to New Orleans, Louisiana.

“As with former immigration crises and federal relocation policy, Louisiana has been kept in the dark about those seeking refuge in the state and it is irresponsible and severely disconcerting to place individuals, who may have ties to ISIS, in a state without the state’s knowledge or involvement.”

— Governor Bobby Jindal, in a letter to the president

Former FBI Special Agent-In-Charge Jim Bernazzani gave his opinion on the matter.

“If I was in charge of ISIL, logistically I’d take advantage of this situation and put my people in, into the United States.” 

Governor Bobby Jindal expressed his concerns to the president by writing a letter to the executive office….(read more)

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Source: townhall.com


29 Comments on “[VIDEO] The Syrians Have Arrived in New Orleans: No Women, No Kids?”

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  3. agent provocateur says:

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel Watch.

  4. […] should stand with the President and refuse to make such considerations.  In fact, we should look past the overwhelming number of military aged men who make up the vast major…  Some Leaders in Congress, and jeb, have Shamefully suggested these young war fighting aged men be […]

  5. Brian Littlefield says:

    Liberalism is a disease, seek help. You don’t have to be a victim your whole life…

  6. mj fitzwater says:

    When did we become so cruel? One nation under GOD Put yourself in the place of these children and their mothers and think clearly of how you would feel. That is the only way you would understand that we must do something. They are dying. They had to leave their own country because of these idiots. So, because of this terrible tragedy, even France is going to take these people in along with our president. I have nothing else to say. Just shame on you that do not want to take a chance after the massive attempts of screening are going to happen now.

    • Ron Metcalf says:

      Take a chance? They love people like you in Las Vegas. Also, media photographers love to prove critics wrong with the “eye that never blinks.” So show us pictures mj. Where are the women and children? It doesn’t matter though because terrorist would kill their own citizens at the drop of a hat (as in use them as “human shields”). Their own neighboring countries won’t (as they have publicly stated) take them AT ALL. Wonder why. Naivete’ like yours is unbelievable but it is there. “Massive attempts” only result in massive lies and people like you believe them. Sad.

    • Angel Sue says:

      Leave them in their own Country and try to help them there. These are all men coming…Shame on the people who want them here to kill us and our families!!!

    • Jerry Baum says:

      I think your a delusional twit that needs to look and see what these so called refugees have done in Paris . When it happens here I hope your pre paired because there will be war in the streets

    • Jack Bain says:

      You are an idiot. They can’t screen or vet these people. Hell, most of them aren’t even Syrian. If you ask them, they don’t want to move to another country. They want their country back that Obama started a war in. Make a safe zone for them in their country and let them be. Get out of Syria and end the fighting. We are in there without even the UN Security Council voting on taking out their President.

    • bradley240 says:

      mj Fitzwater. Do you need seeing glasses or something. Look at all these men laying around on the floor. They are over 20 years old….What children? Where are the mothers?

      Are you BLIND?

  7. Obviously the women and children are sleeping somewhere else. This selective photograph shows that the writer knows nothing about Middle Eastern tradition.

  8. Manuel Dias says:

    These are the animals Obama want to radicalize America with. He did promise to fundamentally transform America. It’s working. GOD HELP US

  9. Martha Inukpuk-Iqaluk says:

    What’s happening with your Home land security program?

  10. Tony Johnson says:

    Obama’s sneaking his Muslim troops in. It’s the boiling frog method. Put a frog in a pot of water and begin to boil it. By the time the frog realizes the situation, it’s too late. My concern is this is what’s happening to America this very hour. By the time the kool-aid crowd wakes up it’ll be too late.

  11. Gary Webb says:

    I believe one of Obama’s core principles is transforming America to be more like other nations in the world. Since the people of many nations live in utter dependence upon government largesse, he wants the same for America. Since the people of other nations live without security that they survive violence that day, he is zealous for us to have that same experience. Since so many other nations live with constant disruptions, terrorism, and ethnic strife, he wants us to be the same. Other nations have depended on a strong American military for far too long, so he wants to make us weaker and them stronger. His idea of “fairness” is part of the dialectical materialism and class conflict that shape his worldview. He has been remarkably honest in telling the American people about his intentions, but we have refused to hear what he is saying. Since he is so clever with his wording of radical statements, we hear only what we want to believe. I just hope we have the strength to recover after he’s gone.

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