Why I Fired My Media Player And Went Back To Basics


By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

magnavox stereoThere are times when I feel I like an analog man trapped in a digital world.

While I have worked in the past immersed in technology, including working on prototype hardware and pre-release software, I am increasingly realizing that the disposable, non-tactile, vaporware nature of life’s latest consumer purchases are trivializing life.

Several years ago when I bought my current house it came with an old Magnavox Hi-Fidelity stereo–the kind that is more a piece of woodwork furniture than anything. It is of course, very heavy, and hence the “free” nature of coming with the house, which made it at the time at least “interesting”. It seemed to be a copy of the one my parents had when I was growing up back in the 1970’s.

For the first couple of years it performed remarkably as an efficient collector of ambient dust. But, I decided…

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