A Historical Perspective On Homicide


John Hinderer reports: The Young Conservatives Instagramed this graphic a couple of days ago. I haven’t verified all the numbers, but I checked most of them against FBI data and they appear to be correct. The chart puts current hysteria over homicide and firearms into perspective. The left axis is homicides per 100,000 Americans…(read more)

Source: Power Line

2 Comments on “A Historical Perspective On Homicide”

  1. Rifleman III says:

    I do not know if the graph indicates weapons used in homicides as ordinarily we think of guns, but many a dead body that I have seen, had been victims of:
    Cast Iron Skillets;
    Electrical Cords;
    Dry Cleaning Bags;
    Shoved Down Stairways;
    Set Ablaze;
    Raped (died while raped);
    Tossed Off Rooftops;
    Struck (Intentionally) By Motor Vehicles;
    Blunt Instrument Trauma;
    Primitive/Improvised Weapons.
    Only to name a few items included in the Homicide classification.
    Homicide, it’s more than just guns.
    (My day started, when their day, ended.)

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