Chinese Communist Party Modernizes its Message — With Rap-aganda

The rap was released in conjunction with a special program on CCTV called ‘The Power of Deepening Reforms‘.

Alyssa Abkowitz, Yang Jie and Chang Chen report: As 2015 comes to an end, China Central Television is rolling out a novel rap song that presents a year in review, Communist Party style – with only good news.

On Monday, the state broadcaster released a 2:44-minute rap to celebrate the achievements of everyone’s favorite party organ, the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reform, which will mark its two-year anniversary on Dec. 30.Xi-tall-Jinping-HT

The song — which struck China Real Time as more Skee-Lo than Kendrick Lamar – reminds the Chinese public to “trust the government” and look at China’s progress on advancing education, combating smog and reforming the health care system during 2015.

It also features voice clips from President Xi Jinping (although the soundbites appear to have been sampled from Mr. Xi’s speeches rather than performed by the Chinese leader live in-studio).

The rap was released in conjunction with a special program on CCTV called “The Power of Deepening Reforms.” It comes on the heels of the second year of Mr. Xi’s far-reaching anticorruption campaign, which has snagged, as the song says, hundreds of “flies, tigers and large foxes.”

It also touts China’s establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the International Monetary Fund’s move to accept the yuan as its fifth reserve currency and the progress made by the “One Belt, One Road” network of infrastructure projects.

[Read the full story here, at China Real Time Report – WSJ]

Xi makes his debut at around 49 seconds with the phrase: “To turn the people’s expectations into our actions.” Ten seconds later, he comes back, saying, “An arrow will never return once it’s shot.”

Of course, the song fails to mention some recent episodes that cast China in a less-flattering light, such as the decision to expel French journalist Ursula Gauthier, the sentencing of well-known human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang, the Tianjin explosions or the Shenzhen landslide – all of which took place over the past year.

The rap propaganda – dare we say, rap-aganda? – is the Communist Party’s latest experiment in modernizing its message. …(read more)

China Real Time put together a rough translation below, so that our readers across the globe can enjoy the song just as much as we have.

2015, 要看深改小组

Take a look at the deepening-reform group in the year 2015


Building the economy, creating wealth, optimizing services


They streamline administration and delegate power to the lower levels, so please do trust the government


Don’t let the hand reach out when it’s not supposed to — let the market speak.


They’re determined to fight against corruption. They especially target ferocious tigers


They’re strict in governing the party and ruling the nation according to law, which makes people rejoice.


Carrying out the “three stricts and three steadies” and allowing supervision by the masses


Reining in officials who take bribes


The deepening-reform group is two years old now and has been achieved a lot during the past two years.

教改医改户籍改,改改改改…(read more)

Source: China Real Time Report – WSJ

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