Where Did China Get This F-22 Raptor?


Why is something that looks just like America’s premiere fighter hanging out parked at a Chinese airport?​

In the images, the fifth generation fighter is clearly parked alongside two rows of what appear to be cropdusting airplanes.

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Located at Shaanxi provinece in central China, Pucheng Neifu Airport is not even remotely a military airport. There is no obvious link between it and the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). It has the layout of a rural civilian airport found in any country, with a single runway, large tarmac, and control tower. An examination of satellite imagery indicates anywhere from seven to nine civilian planes are parked there at any one time.

It has none of the characteristics of a military airbase such as other (real) military aircraft, hardened aircraft shelters, surface to air missile and gun emplacements, or munitions bunkers. Here’s an example of a typical PLAAF base just outside Weifang for comparison.

The F-22 comes and goes depending on the service you’re using to look for it. It is not visible at Pucheng Neifu on Google Maps. However, it is present at, which also uses Google Maps…(read more)


H/t: Alert5@rajfortyseven


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