Editorial Correction of the Day: Democrat Segregationist George Wallace, Republican?


Jerome Hudson reports: Mark Hensch, a staff writer for The Hillwrote an article tiltled, “Kiefer Sutherland: Trump recalls segregationist George Wallace,” in which Hensch wrote, “Actor Kiefer Sutherland sees similarities between GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and former Alabama Gov. George Wallace (R), one of American history’s most vocal segregationists.”

The glaring problem here is George Wallace was never a Republican…(read more)

Source: Breitbart

One Comment on “Editorial Correction of the Day: Democrat Segregationist George Wallace, Republican?”

  1. Well you see, Democrats do not like when it is exposed their more than 150 years of racism and bigotry is exposed.

    Progressives are fundamentally racists, assuming that minority groups cannot exists without help from people who are “obviously” fundamentally superior.

    Look at their support for Planned Parent Hood. This organization was founded as a eugenics program to cull the African American herd.

    Who stood against the 13th amendment, Democrats… supporting an abuse of individual liberty hmm….

    Whenever they have a chance to treat people as equals they would much rather point the finger of bigotry at whoever dares to assume that all men are created equal. Anyone who dares to claim that minorities can stand on their own two feet, are capable of being masters of their own lives, are clearly bigots.

    no surprise there. It is called revisionist history.

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