Profiles in Courage: A Look at the Lives of the Dallas Ambush Victims

On Friday morning, the kids woke up to the news that their father was dead.

Medical staff couldn’t save Ahrens from the bullets that tore into his liver, said Karen Buckingham, his mother-in-law.

“It’s just beyond belief,” Buckingham said.


Ahrens had been with the Dallas Police Department since January 2002, according to department records.

“He was always one of the happy ones, with a smile on his face,” said one of his fellow officers who saw him around the department’s Central station often.

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Steve Stribley, a state Fraternal Order of Police vice president and Dallas patrol officer, said Ahrens was “an incredible loving and devoted husband and father. Greatly respected veteran of the department.”

The 48-year-old officer was married to Detective Katrina Ahrens from the Crimes Against Persons division. The couple lived in Burleson with their two children together: 10-year-old Sorcha and 8-year-old Magnus.

Lorne Ahrens hailed from California. With a shaved head, a hulky build and a frame exceeding 6 feet tall, he boasted the physique of a football player.

But when it came to his kids, he’d crouch to their level. He took them fishing and played with them in park.

“He enjoyed it as much as they did,” Buckingham said….(read more)


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