[VIDEO] New Features in MacOS Sierra  


  • Sierra wallpaper
  • Storage Recommendations (System Information)
  • Optimize Mac Storage (iCloud → iCloud Drive options)
  • Remove items from the Trash after 30 days
  • Desktop and Documents folder live on iCloud Drive
  • Keep folders on top when sorting by name
  • Notification Center updated design
  • Choose output from sound button in menu bar
  • Move any menu bar item
  • Prefer tabs when opening documents
  • Tabs in maps
  • Double space enters a period
  • Safari and iTunes Picture in Picture
  • Updated Console app
  • Dwell Control
  • Auto Unlock
  • APFS Apple File System
  • Universal Clipboard

Photos app

  • Memories
  • Intelligent Search
  • Places
  • People


  • Large emoji
  • Tapback
  • Inline video playback
  • Inline links



  • Locations to invoke Siri (Dock, menu bar, Application folder, Launchpad, Spotlight, keyboard shortcut)
  • Query: Book a restaurant in Chicago for 7PM
  • Query: Find “iOS 10 Features” in my Movies folder
  • Pin Siri results to Notification Center
  • Query: Search for images, drag and drop in document
  • Query: How much free space do I have on my Mac
  • Query: Add Seth and Zac to my Noon meeting
  • Query: How do I spell egregious
  • Query: Play Beats 1
  • Query: What’s the Weather in Fukuoka
  • Query: What time is it in Tokyo?
  • Query: Show my photos from yesterday

Source: 9to5Mac

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