Liberals Say Media is Failing


…Because Public Still Supports Donald Trump

The press obviously is failing, they argue, because it isn’t convincing the American public that Mr. Trump is, indeed, Lucifer.

 writes: Is it journalistic malpractice to quote each side of the argument and leave it to readers to draw their own conclusions?

Apparently to liberals — who are fretting Hillary Clinton could lose this presidential contest to Donald Trump — the answer is yes.

How could a man who tells lies, and promotes conspiracy theories, even still be competitive, they ask. Isn’t it obvious he’s a know-nothing buffoon?

Apparently not. So they’ve turned against the one institution that’s always been on their side: The media. The press obviously is failing, they argue, because it isn’t convincing the American public that Mr. Trump is, indeed, Lucifer.


Pulitzer-winning New York Times columnist Nick Kristof wrote the media shouldn’t be treating Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump the same — that there’s a so-called “false-equivalence.”

One you see, is a reasonable, but flawed politician. The other is a monster who will take down the Republic.

“Clearly, Clinton shades the truth — yet there’s no comparison with Trump,” he writes, arguing, the press should be clearer in its reporting that Mr. Trump, is indeed, a “clown” and a “crackpot.”

Richard Cohen, perhaps heeding Mr. Kristof’s advice, wrote a column this week in The Washington Post that compared Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler. (A simple Lexis-Nexis search found 406 articles have appeared in the Post with the search terms “Trump” and “Hitler” since June 2015.)

For good measure, the paper, two days later, ran an editorial about Mr. Trump’s campaign dubbed: “This is how fascism comes to Amrica.”Still, liberal writer Paul Krugman, in The New York Times, thinks the media is objectively pro-Trump.

“It’s not even false equivalence: compare the amount of attention given to the Clinton Foundation despite absence of any evidence of wrongdoing, and attention given to Trump Foundation, which engaged in more or less open bribery — but barely made a dent in news coverage,” he lamented.

E.J. Dionne at the Post agreed.

“Coverage of Donald Trump has become the occasion for a new crisis of credibility,” he wrote. “Liberals insist further that Trump is being held to a much lower standard than is Hillary Clinton, which, in turn, means that while relatively short shrift is given to each new Trump scandal, the same old Clinton scandals get covered again and again.”

Perhaps there’s something to those “old Clinton scandals,” that the public finds alarming (a quarter century of repeated secrecy and dishonesty in public office), but Mr. Dionne doesn’t explore that possibility.

These liberal columnists also don’t touch upon the water-carrying the press has done for Mrs. Clinton throughout her campaign…(read more)

Source: Washington Times

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