[VIDEO] Krauthammer on the United Nations: Trump Should ‘Turn It Into Condos’

Charles Krauthammer has been clear in his disapproval for America’s decision to not veto the United Nation’s resolution on Israeli settlements. The syndicated columnist revisited this topic last night, saying that President-elect Donald Trump already knows how he can put the U.N.’s New York headquarters to better use than it is right now.


“I think it’s good real estate in downtown New York City. Trump ought to find a way to put his name on it and turn it into condos.”

On Fox’s Special Report, Krauthammer lamented that the U.S. provides so much to the U.N., yet the organization spends its time “trying to attack the only Jewish state on the planet,” instead of addressing international concerns like genocide and terrorism more. 

“It’s an obsession that to an outside observer appears to be insane,” Krauthammer said. “Why are we doing this? And the rest of the time is spend undermining the United States and democracy and our allies around the world.”

Krauthammer went on to say that…(read more)

Source: Mediaite


One Comment on “[VIDEO] Krauthammer on the United Nations: Trump Should ‘Turn It Into Condos’”

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