Guy Benson: How Could Anyone Have Possibly ‘Misunderstood’?


Lies of the Year.

Guy Benson writes: President Obama huddled with Congressional Democrats on Wednesday to discuss best practices for fending off Republican efforts to repeal and replace his failingsignature domestic legislation once Donald Trump is sworn into office. Mike Pence, meanwhile, has met with Republicans on the Hill to plot the path forward to repeal. Both discussions were closed-door, but details quickly leaked out — and this one made me literally laugh out loud:

Heavens, how could anyone have possibly “misunderstood” the degree to which there would be unwelcome changes to the healthcare system under Obamacare? Might it have anything to do with this very same president repeatedly and brazenly lying, assuring everyone that their satisfactory arrangements wouldn’t change at all, and that all other conceivable changes for everyone else would be universally positive?  Virtually every single promise he made, and certainly all the big ones, have been violated.

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Perhaps the most egregious (tied with lower costs and “affordability“) was Obama’s infamous “keep your plan and doctor” whopper, which was rated by left-leaning Politifact as the 2013 Lie of the Year.  And wouldn’t you know it?  Obama is still lying about Obamacare, which remains unpopular.  By all means, Democrats, please continue to follow this man’s lead on the issue — Lord knows it’s worked wonders for your party.  And speaking of ineffective leaders, cheap demagoguery, and Lies of the Year, here’s newly-re-elected House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi trotting out a tired and ridiculous talking point:

This is somehow even lamer than “Make America Sick Again.”  Let’s hear a round of applause for that accomplishment.  In reality…(read more)



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