Farewell Mary Tyler Moore: Actress and Activist


505315999_242c52dddfLike many, I was saddened to see the passing of Mary Tyler Moore, who I grew up watching on the 1970s television series “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”  She passed away at 80.  I liked Moore both on and off the screen. Indeed, her passing made me think about this older generation of celebrities, perhaps the greatest generation.  While some were high maintenance or unhinged, it seems like so many of our younger celebrities are raw, vulgar, and downright nuts.  I know that that makes me sound like an older geezer. Perhaps I am, but I just watched the vulgar protest “speech” of Madonna and the rave of the actor.  Moore was as big, if not bigger, in terms of her celebrity status. Yet, she always maintained a sense of grace and decorum.  I shared her belief in animal rights and she was a great advocate for both animals and combatting juvenile…

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