Surviving the Cult

According To Hoyt

It’s been three days since Trump’s inauguration and I haven’t lost it and bitchslapped anyone in public, but it’s a difficult thing, I’m always ten seconds from a righteous bitchslapping, and I must take it a day at a time.

It’s not his fervent supporters who are driving me to the screaming mimmies.  Sure, a lot of the more fervent ones are absolutely convinced he sits astride a white horse (with a golden saddle) and is coming to cure the world all their ills, but frankly, they don’t bother me, the same way that Obama’s supporters who thought he was the Light Bringer and sort of like a G-d, standing above the world and fixing all its problems.  (Oh, child of the morning, how art thou fallen.) It is a common human failing, and even our form of government isn’t going to erase that.  I deal with that the way…

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