[VIDEO] Krauthammer: Obama Palestinian Aid Supports Gaza’s Anti-Semitic Propaganda

“I think that was a final slap at Israel by Obama on the way out the door. It doesn’t compare with abandoning Israel at the United Nations on the vote at the Security Council a week before. But nonetheless, this is, a lot of this is money that goes through agencies of the U N which support really awful stuff being done, particularly in Gaza — the propaganda, the Jew-hatred that is taught — but nonetheless it is unnecessary it is gratuitous. It is not going to be reversed, the money amount is too small relatively speaking.”


“No president in the last 30 years has seriously considered doing it [moving the U.S. embassy]. I think Trump was sincere in saying he wants to, and it would be just to do it. But even the Israelis, I suspect, are wary about doing this. The reason is: Israel has repaired, in a way, relations with the Sunni Arabs — clandestinely, it is not in public — but even the Saudis and the gulf Arabs, in addition to Egypt and Jordan, that are openly in a peace treaty, as a result of the rise of Iran. This would cause probably rioting all over the Middle East and undo the progress. I think the Israelis would rather have the real progress that’s hidden behind-the-scenes than the symbolism of the embassy in Jerusalem.”

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Source: The Corner –  National Review

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