[VIDEO] Brilliantly Mocks the ‘Magic of the Birth Canal’

… A few days ago, Choice42 released this deliciously sardonic video entitled “The Magical Birth Canal.” It is a searing take on the pro-abort narrative that says life begins at birth.

Quite simply, it is brilliant …

… Something within that canal confers humanity on a life that has been human from the moment of conception. But pro-aborts prefer to think of the unborn as a mass of tissue not worthy of protection.

I love that Choice42 went this route and mocked the abortion mantra … (read more)

Source: redstate.com

4 Comments on “[VIDEO] Brilliantly Mocks the ‘Magic of the Birth Canal’”

  1. Amanda says:

    Early term fetuses have no consciousness or central nervous system (aka no ability to experience pain or suffering or awareness at all);

    Forced birth on girls and women against their will is what society needs protection against, not the abortion of three week gestated fetuses.

    • Michael says:

      This post wins our annual Award for ‘Most Scientifically ignorant & Provably False Comment of the Year’. Thank you, and congratulations Amanda.

  2. There are legitimate arguments to be made on both sides of the abortion debate, but that isn’t one of them. (that preborns — early term or late term — haven’t developed sufficient humanity, awareness, identity, or central nervous systems to qualify them for legal protection) Modern scientific progress is making that argument less valid. This outdated 20th century medical belief has been debunked to the point that even pro-life activists rarely advance this argument to make their case. Increasingly — though the debate is far from settled — current advances in prenatal science tend to favor the other side.


    These samples don’t represent an attempt to conclude, or ‘win’ the debate, just offering a quick sampling of how pro-life and pro-choice positions are developing in the public dialogue.

    Still, pro-choice activists in the U.S., unlike their predecessors, currently advocate unlimited abortion rights, proudly defending a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy at any time (in any trimester, right up to the moment of birth) for any reason. That’s the position they’re taking, publicly. Most of the developed world, including, most of Europe, have more restrictions than this. Why is the U.S. so backwards in its abortion laws, compared to other, more enlightened countries, that favor more humane limits on abortion? https://www.liveaction.org/news/video-abortion-laws-are-more-restrictive-in-europe-than-in-the-united-states/ Yet many progressives continue to believe that western Europe has less restrictive, more liberal abortion laws than the U.S.

    What will this debate look like 50 years from now? We could see a future where the legal and moral definition of when of humans do or don’t have rights will someday be looked back on the way we now look back on the horror of slavery, when a certain class of humans were considered less than fully human, and therefore subject to ownership, torture, or termination. Also, Amanda, you aren’t being ‘personally attacked’, but your ideas are fair game. There’s a difference.

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