‘Gilda’, Charles Vidor, 1946


[VIDEO] This is How the Most Famous Photo of All Time was Taken


Today is the 45th anniversary of Earthrise. We take it for granted now but, along with Blue Marble, it’s the most important and famous photo ever taken. In a world saturated with fakery and cynicism, it’s easy to ignore the magnitude of its impact. But in 1968, this photo changed everything.

To commemorate its anniversary, NASA Goddard has produced this video explaining exactly how this seminal image was taken:

(They are also hosting a Google Hangout about it. Make sure to visit and ask questions.)

Nowadays people don’t stop to think twice about what they’re seeing—that precious blue jewel engulfed in the pitch black nothingness of space. However, this was a vision that deeply affected the view of ourselves as species and our place in the world and the universe. Earthrise truly made everyone realize that we’re all living in a fragile tiny ball that we needed to protect in order to survive. Humans are—for now—alone in the void.

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