OH YES THEY DID: #BlackLivesMatter Subreddit Turns Private After Sanders Rally


A Black Lives Matter’s subreddit turned to private after it got overwhelmed with criticism for what happened at the Sanders event.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders spoke to a packed crowd Saturday night at the University of Washington campus about his commitment to criminal justice reform as liberal-huhwell as addressing income equality.

“When the crowd asked the activists to allow Sanders to speak, one activist called the crowd ‘white supremacist liberals,’ according to event participants.”

Sanders gave his talk to a cheering audience of about 12,000 inside a university pavilion a few hours after he was shoved aside by several Black Lives Matter activists who are calling for changes to the criminal justice system. The women were screaming at Sanders to let them speak. Sanders eventually left the Saturday afternoon event at Westlake Park in Seattle without giving his speech.

A Black Lives Matter’s subreddit — r/BlackLivesMatter — turned to private after it got overwhelmed with criticism for what happened at the Sanders event.

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Soul Searching in China Over Man Beaten Senseless by Anti-Japanese Protestors

Residents take photos of a smashed up Japanese-branded car during an anti-Japan protest in Xi’an in northwest China’s Shaanxi province Saturday Sept. 15, 2012.

With an orgy of anti-Japanese demonstrations prompted by a dispute over some rocky islands in the East China Sea having recently run its course, China is now being forced to contemplate just how out-of-hand the protests became.

One of the worst examples: The case of a 51-year-old Chinese man Li Jianli who, according to the state-run Beijing Youth Daily, was beaten so brutally by an anti-Japanese mob for driving a Japanese car that he’s now partially paralyzed and can barely utter simple words like “thank you” and “hungry.

”One graphic image posted to the newspaper’s website shows a man—presumed to be Mr. Li—on the ground, blood streaming from his head as a distraught woman sitting next to him pleads with the mob.

Meanwhile, accounts of the viscous attack published on social media sites have prompted soul-searching among Chinese Internet users. Discussion of the incident was the top story on Sina Corp‘s Weibo microblogging service on Friday.

The beating took place on the afternoon of Sept. 15 in the central Chinese city of Xi’an in Shaanxi province. Mr. Li, his wife, one of his son’s and the son’s fiancée, were on their way back from a shopping trip when Mr. Li’s white Toyota Corolla was set upon by an agitated anti-Japanese mob brandishing sticks, bricks and steel implements, according to the Beijing Youth Daily.

Mr. Li’s wife urged the demonstrators not to damage the vehicle. “It was wrong of us to buy a Japanese car. We won’t buy one ever again, OK?” she was reported as saying by Beijing Youth Daily.

But the gang beat Mr. Li anyway, striking him on the head with a steel shackle and causing him to lose consciousness. Later, he was rushed to hospital where he was treated for open brain injury and then moved to an intensive care unit. He remained there until he regained consciousness three days later.Mr. Li can now move the left-hand side of his body but the right side continues to be partially paralyzed.

Although many users of Sina Weibo, which is popular among the urban and well educated, were critical of the anti-Japanese protests from the start, news that protestors severely wounded a compatriot because of the brand of car he was driving appears to have led to even stronger repudiation of the rallies.

“This is so-called patriotism? It’s pure hooliganism,” wrote one microblogger…

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