‘Caesarism Justified by Consequentialism’

Caesar Obama

Ross Douthat writes…


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[VIDEO] Lowry: Will Incumbency Prevail Over Obama’s Unpopularity in November?

Rich Lowry, Special Report, 10-28-2014

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[VIDEO] CNN: Mitt Romney Warned of Many of the Issues that Have Come Back to Bite Us

Video: 2012 debate highlights — the bad-lip-reading version

Nearly six more hours to go before the first polls close. Lots of time to kill, lots of stress. This will help with both. Deep breaths.

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Accuracy or Honesty Not a Requirement in French Media Reporting on U.S. Election

PARIS – During breakfast this morning, I listened to RTL, one of France’s major radio channels (my wife’s choice, not mine). There was a quick report on the impending U.S. presidential election.

“Yesterday, we followed Barack Obama’s campaign,” a young woman said. “Today we turn to Mitt Romney’s campaign.” All right. Except that “following Romney’s campaign” amounted, incredibly, to an interview with a certain Dr. Gordon, who explained that most Americans were grateful to President Obama for having introduced Obamacare. Especially those women who otherwise would have been deprived of any access to birth control. Some journalist at RTL then explained that Romney would abolish Obamacare. And the report was over.

Most listeners, I am afraid, just swallowed the story whole and didn’t even understand there was something problematic about it…