CHEERS! How Booze Is Becoming the New Popcorn at Movie Theaters 


More theater chains are installing bars to pad profits as states relax liquor laws.

Pamela McClintock reports: The drinking song “99 Bottles of Beer” has nothing on Dan Aykroyd‘s Crystal Head Vodka — at least at AMC Theatres. By Aykroyd’s count, the cinema chain has sold 110,000 special Ghostbusters cocktails since last summer using the vodka, movie_drinks-h_2017_0part of a campaign by AMC to boost earnings by hundreds of millions of dollars with increased alcohol sales. “It’s been amazing,” says Aykroyd. “Overall, they’ve bought 7,200 bottles from us.”

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Forget popcorn and Milk Duds. Booze is the next step in cinemas’ fight against flagging attendance. For decades, local and state laws prevented movie chains from offering alcoholic beverages in regular auditoriums. Only dine-in theaters could offer booze by securing a restaurant liquor license, while some high-end cinemas — including the Landmark and ArcLight in L.A. — offered beer and wine in designated 21-and-over auditoriums. During the past two years, 32 states have relaxed their laws, allowing theaters to serve alcohol in any auditorium.


“It is the fastest-growing amenity in our industry,” says George Patterson, senior vp food and beverage at AMC. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Passenger Freaks Out, Talks About Death, Strips Naked on Frontier Airlines Flight 

The footage shows her kicking, screaming and throwing a tantrum in front of the cockpit and talking about Death.

Footage of a freakout on a Frontier Airlines flight has surfaced online — but it doesn’t even show the weirdest part of the unidentified woman’s meltdown, according to one witness.

A passenger — who asked KDVR to identify him only as Devin — posted to YouTube a video of a female passenger freaking out before takeoff on a Denver to Portland flight Monday.

The footage shows her kicking, screaming and throwing a tantrum in front of the cockpit and talking about death. At one point, she weirdly thrusts her pelvis at the sky. Afterward she removed her clothes, forcing the jet to turn around before takeoff…(read more)

Source: DailyNews

BREAKING: EgyptAir Flight from Paris to Cairo Disappears from Radar 


An EgyptAir flight traveling to Cairo from Paris has dropped off the radar, the airline confirmed Thursday morning.

The airline posted on Twitter that Flight 804, a Boeing 737 with 59 passengers and 10 crew members on board had vanished.

The airline said the flight was at its cruising altitude of 37,000 feet when it disappeared at 2:45 a.m. Cairo time (8:45 p.m. EDT). EgyptAir said the plane was approximately 10 miles inside Egyptian airspace…(read more)


Source: Fox News

DHS: More than Half a Million Aliens Overstayed Visas in 2015

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson speaks at a Defense One "leadership briefing" in Washington, Monday, Dec. 7, 2015, on the agency's efforts to tackle growing terrorism threats in the U.S. and abroad. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

 reports: More than half a million aliens overstayed their temporary visas in the United States in 2015, with more than 482,000 of those individuals believed to be still residing illegally in the United States, according to a new report by the Department of Homeland Security.

“By not enforcing visa overstays, the administration has flung the border open—millions get temp visas and then freely violate their entry contracts and shred their eviction notices. Further, DHS has refused to complete the legally required biometric tracking system.”

Around 527,127 aliens temporally granted U.S. business and tourist visas were found to have stayed in the United States longer than legally permitted, according to DHS’s 2015 entry and exit overstay report.

Of those who did not leave the United States on time, around 482,781 are believed to still be illegally residing in the United States, according to the report, which was issued by DHS amid debate in Congress over an Obama administration initiative to permit around 170,000 new immigrants from Muslim-majority nations in 2016.

Senior Obama administration officials had trouble in the past year informing Congress about the number of individuals who had overstayed their visas. The administration also could not provide Congress with statistics about the number of Syrian refugees who had been granted residency in the United States in 2015.

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Concerns about visa overstays come as Congress is investigating a sharp uptick in the number of terror plots hatched by foreign-born individuals legally granted entrance to the United States. Lawmakers estimate that at least 113 foreign-born individuals have been implicated in domestic terror plots since 2014.

Last year there were 219 illegal overstays from Afghanistan, 681 from Iraq, 564 from Iran, 56 from Libya, 1,435 from Pakistan, 440 from Syria, and 219 from Yemen, according to the report. Many are still in the United States illegally. Read the rest of this entry »

Sweet Dreams, Interrupted: Alaska Airlines Flight Returns To Seattle After Napping Worker Gets Trapped In Plane’s Cargo Hold


SEATTLE (AP) — A Los Angeles-bound Alaska Airlines flight had to return to Seattle on Monday after a worker reportedly fell asleep and found himself trapped in the plane’s cargosleepy hold.

“Upon exiting, he told authorities he had fallen asleep.”

Flight 448 had just taken off Monday afternoon when the pilot heard banging from down below, the airline said in a news release. The captain immediately returned to Seattle-Tacoma International and declared an emergency for priority landing.

“Nobody knew why we were turning around. They just said we were fine and we weren’t in any danger.”

After the plane landed a ramp agent came out from the front cargo hold, which Alaska says is pressurized and temperature-controlled.


“They just said there was someone in the cargo hold and he’s been escorted off and taken away,”

— Passenger Marty Collins

“Upon exiting, he told authorities he had fallen asleep,” the airline said.

The worker, an employee of Menzies Aviation, walked off the plane and appeared OK, but was taken to a hospital as a precaution. Read the rest of this entry »

Ready for Increased Costs and Decreased Access? 2015: Obamacare’s Supporters Prepare To Get Care, They’ll Get It Good & Hard


 writes: Obamacare was designed such that its most harmful provisions would not be implemented until after the President had been returned to office for a second term and his Democrat accomplices had been reelected to their congressional seats. Fortunately for the nation, the latter part of that strategy was a spectacular failure. Nonetheless, it did provide the public with a temporary reprieve from the health care law’s most painful exactions. That brief respite is now at an end. This year, you will begin to experience the realities of “reform” first hand and you are not going to like how it feels.

“But your premiums are just the start. The real pain will come when you need medical services. Your new plan probably has a far higher deductible and co-pay requirement than your old one. Consequently, when you see a doctor or have a test performed, you’ll have to pay the entire cost.”

In fact, you are probably already feeling the first twinges without recognizing that their source is Obamacare. If you are among the 150 million Americans who get health insurance through their employers, for example, chances are that the coverage your company offered for 2015 has much higher premiums than did last year’s plan. The President and his toad eaters in the legacy media will do their best to convince you that these increases are caused by insurance company avarice, but this is merely another lie they are peddling in the hope that they can save Obama’s “signature domestic achievement.”

“This need to pay for such services out-of-pocket despite being insured, according to USA Today, is already causing people to forego care.”

The actual cause was the looming employer mandate and other Obamacare regulations that took effect January 1. The mandate and accompanying red tape dramatically increase the cost of employee health insurance for companies with 100 or more full-time-equivalent workers. It requires all such firms to offer “minimum essential” coverage to 70 percent of their full-time employees or pay huge fines. These PPACA-mandated benefits are expensive, and very few small-to-medium sized employers can unilaterally absorb the costs of such “essential” coverage. So you get to share the pain. Read the rest of this entry »

Sky-High Spending


Imagine life under the Affordable Air Act

Deroy Murdock writes:  Once upon a time, a man named Obama fretted that 10 percent of U.S. citizens never had ridden in an airplane, as the New America Foundation reported. “Let me be clear,” Obama said. “We can do better.”

Rather than let entrepreneurs and philanthropists help people take their first flights, Obama and a Democratic Congress concocted the Affordable Air Act. Big government, they reckoned, must race to the rescue. Instead of assisting those who never had flown, Obama and company overturned the entire aviation industry — for airlines and passengers alike.

Republicans yelled. The flying public rebelled. But Democrats prevailed. ObamaAir was signed into law.,, and other companies already served passengers efficiently. But Obama insisted that his signature program construct its own website. So, Obama spent three years and $677 million on

It flopped spectacularly.

Meanwhile, in what called its “Lie of the Year,” Obama promised Americans 37 times: “If you like your plane, you can keep your plane. Period.” Nonetheless, Obama infantilized passengers who were content to travel in coach. They naïvely had bought “substandard” seats, Obama snarled, from “bad apple” airlines.

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