[VIDEO] Tokyo’s Sleeping Drunks Get Turned into Living Billboards to Promote Awareness

Japan is one of the hardest working countries in the world. So, at the end of the week, Japanese salary men and women let their hair down with very surprising consequences: Drunk Sleeping.

For RocketNews24 writes:

It happens to pretty much everyone at least once in their lifetime. You’re out drinking with friends and feeling pleasantly buzzed when you get roped into doing a couple of Sambuca shots. Then it suddenly hits you: you’ve drunk too much….


For Japanese people, however, the effects of alcohol are often so much worse. Many Asian people simply cannot tolerate alcohol well, so when they drink more than they should – even if that’s just a few beers – their bodies simply shut down and they fall asleep, dead to the world around them.

We’ve all seen photos of the guy passed out on the floor of a Tokyo subway train, and many have no doubt wondered why, particularly in as conservative a society as Japan’s, this behaviour could ever be considered acceptable. But the truth is, while Japan values hard work over pretty much anything else, its people are also extremely willing to forgive drunken mishaps precisely for that reason. If a salaryman overdoes it and passes out on the train, he was probably just kicking back after a tough week at the office, fellow passengers think as they step over his legs or gently nudge him off their shoulder on the train. Those college kids who can barely stand? They probably just passed some big exam or were offered a job after they graduate.

Getting drunk is something that people do to let off steam, and goodness knows the Japanese have a lot of that pent up inside them.


But besides the trauma they put their body through when drinking to excess (there’s a reason they call it alcohol poisoning, after all), sleeping drunks also risk physical injury, being robbed, and become a hazard to others, so it does seem strange that people should tolerate the behaviour when they can’t the stuff that causes it.

In order to address the situation, Japan’s Yaocho Bar Group decided to turn a few of Tokyo’s snoozing boozers into living billboardsRead the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] ‘White Supremacist’ Cops Hop Out of Patrol Car and… Join Kids’ Football Game

It’s usually a really bad sign when a police car pulls up and two cops jump out and head towards you.

KARE 11 viewer Michelle Keenan thought that was the case Monday night when a Plymouth squad car pulled up to her apartment complex, two officers got out and began walking towards her son and his friends who were playing football on the lawn.

Her heart started racing as she watched from the balcony. “What’d they do?”, Keenan thought to herself.

“It’s a good feeling to know that we live in a community where police officers are willing to do this and be there for us.”

— Michelle Keenan

She was about to run down and investigate when she saw Officers Matt Kaley and Mike Passig each join one of the teams and start playing. Keenan says the game lasted for 20 to 25 minutes, and her son later told her it was the coolest thing ever.

“Just a friendly game of football, and the kids loved it.”

— Officer Matt Kaley

“It’s a good feeling to know that we live in a community where police officers are willing to do this and be there for us,” said Keenan, who thought the story was a good one in light of the negative attention police have received lately. As a parent, she tells KARE 11 that she appreciates what the officers did, building trust with the kids and creating a memory they will always remember. Read the rest of this entry »

The End of Free Speech in Hollywood

Reasons: Drunk cop fatally shoots woman for not serving milk tea

drunkcopA drunk policeman in Guigang, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is currently in custody for shooting and killing a pregnant restaurant owner who didn’t serve milk tea, Beijing Youth Daily reports:

The police officer, 33, surnamed Hu, came to the victim’s restaurant on Monday evening while intoxicated. Hu asked the owner if they had milk tea, and when told that they didn’t, he shot her and her husband. The woman, surnamed Wu, and her fetus died after being sent to hospital. Her husband was also injured, local police said.

The case ignited discussions online with fierce condemnation from Net users, and many suggested that police officers should not be permitted to carry a gun while not on duty.

The powers of police have been expanding in China in recent years, and like many other countries, China faces problems related to restricting police power, said a commentary by news portal caixin.com.

According to the Law on the Control of Guns, police can only fire a gun when violent crimes occur, and warnings have failed. The Ministry of Public Security also states that policemen should not drink alcohol while armed.