May 7, 1945, This Day In History: The Defeat of German Nazi Forces


Looking north from 44th Street, New York’s Times Square is packed Monday, May 7, 1945, with crowds celebrating the news of Germany’s unconditional surrender in World War II.  (AP Photo/Tom Fitzsimmons) 


On this day in 1945, German General Alfred Jodl signed an unconditional surrender at Reims, France.

This photo was taken in the War Room of the Allied Supreme Headquarters. On General Jodl’s left is General Admiral Von Friedenburg of the German Navy, and on his right is Major Wilhelm Oxenius of the German general staff.   May 7, 1945.  U.S. Army.

from the Eisenhower Library — This Day In History

General Admiral Hans-Georg von Friedeburg (1895 – 1945) and General Eberhard Kinzel visit the British camp on Luneburg Heath to sign the Instrument of Surrender of the German armed forces in Holland, north-west Germany and Denmark…


An example of suicide through shame of surrender was that of Admiral von Friedeburg.


He had been present at both the surrender of the German forces in the north of Germany at Lüneburg Heath and also at Reims. Placed under arrest at Flensburg with the other members of the Dönitz government, von Friedeburg chose to kill himself with a cyanide ampule in a toilet. His body was carried into his quarters and placed on a cot where it was photographed.  Read the rest of this entry »