The Iran Deal in 26 Seconds: Ben Rhodes ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ ‘We Never Said That’



“Obama’s deal to lift sanctions on Iran and allow it to continue the purchase and production of enriched uranium is so bad that his own staff can’t even figure out how to spin for it. It’s so bad that Obama’s opponents don’t even need to craft their own arguments against it — they can just recycle the Obama administration’s arguments against the deal…”

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Blue-On-Blue Violence: It Begins


James Rosen to State Department: Why’d it Take Nearly Two Years to Arrest a Benghazi Suspect Who Wasn’t Hiding?

press-conferenceFor Hot AirAllahpundit writes: Via the Free Beacon, make sure to read Ed’s post earlier to understand just how openly Khattala, the jihadi nabbed by U.S. forces over the weekend, has been living in Libya since the Benghazi attack. He was a prime suspect from the very beginning; he gave multiple interviews to western media in the years since, all but taunting the White House to come pick him up. The criminal charges against him were filed more than nine months ago. Only this month, for some reason, did the military finally move in. How come?


Shown here is an undated photo of Benghazi attack suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala. Libya Herald

Two possibilities. One: The political situation on the ground in Libya changed enough to make a U.S intervention possible. My theory of why Obama laid off initially was because he didn’t want the weak Libyan government to have to cope with a backlash from the local militias if American troops swooped in and kidnapped a big-name jihadi or two.

“I’m old enough to remember when U.S. counterterror developments, especially ‘terror alerts,’ were greeted by our liberal betters online as obviously political gambits by the Bush administration, designed to distract the public from more important matters.”

“Questioning the timing was standard practice for the lefty blogosphere circa 2006. Today, of course, it’s the height of crankery…”

As long as we could monitor Khattala and make sure he didn’t run, we could wait until the government was in a stronger position to make our move. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Mary Katharine Ham Accepts 2014 Pundit Planet Media Blogger of the Year Award (also Wins CPAC Award)


“Pundit from..what? Who? I’ve never heard of this website..or this award…but..thanks..I think…”

In related news, Mary Kathrine Ham was also honored at CPAC

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[VIDEO] “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on How ObamaCare Screws Young People. For an Audience of… Young People…

New Obamacare Ads Aimed at Young People

A message to millennials: the joke’s on you.

The money quote:

“Next time, maybe pick up a newspaper”

The Obama Administration is having a tough time getting young people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. So they came up with a new ad campaign to help with the problem, though it may do just the opposite.


Allahpundit writes:

“…not novel; Leno does it every day. The novelty lies in a show aimed at younger adults emphasizing that Democratic welfare programs do in fact have winners and losers, and more often than not Kimmel’s audience is on the wrong side…The success of the liberal agenda depends upon convincing people that someone else will pay for it. The Kimmel skit here strikes at the heart of that.”

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Hot Air LOVES the New York Times


Loves it. Truly, madly, deeply. Can’t make it through a news cycle without reading every page. Generously linking to NYT articles, daily. Sometimes, multiple articles in a single day.

Image representing Hot Air as depicted in Crun...

Unbeknownst to the rest of us, apparently, It’s a must-read paper! Can’t miss it. While many of us could go several weeks without reading a single word of the increasingly-irrelevant New York Times Editorial page, even several months, and not miss a thing, or even notice, the folks at Hot Air? Unthinkable! Hot Air staff would be in acute withdrawal, if they miss a single day.

Bravo, Times Editors. You’ve got fans in conservative media, some of them depend on you, and hang on every word! A toast to Brooks, Krugman, Friedman, security guards, janitors, everyone. To the whole NYT staff and management. Courageous talents, tastemakers, and trendsetters in Manhattan media, your input is truly needed. Keep up the good work.