Mia Love Could be Part of the Largest Group of African American Women in Congress Ever

Repeat GOP candidate Mia Love, who would be the first African-American Republican woman in Congress if she won, is now the biggest early favorite to become a House freshman in 2015, though Matheson's decision could spur some more GOP interest in the seat.

Let Us Begin The LOVE FEST

Has anyone else noticed the relative lack of attention in the news to the campaign of Mia Love? In the previous campaign cycle (a disappointing loss, by a fraction, but a great campaign) Love had the media’s attention, especially in the blogosphere, and conservative media. This time around, no so much. Why is that? I had to sort through state and local news stories to learn that yes, she’s running, and yes, she’s expected to win. Mitt Romney held a rally for Mia Love not long ago. And Mia’s 2nd debate with her opponent is October 14th. Let the Love fest begin!

For Utah PolicyBryan Schott reports:

There are five African American women who are likely to be members of the next Congress, including Utah’s Mia Love. If they all win, it will bring the number of African American women in Congress to 20, the most ever.


Politics365 notes the Congressional Black Caucus is set to swell to as many as 46 members, which includes 20 women. Read the rest of this entry »