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Russian Deep Sea Fisherman Becomes Online Hit After Revealing Bizarre Catches


[VIDEO] Lamb Saying ‘Yeah’


[VIDEO] Behold, the World’s Cutest Frog: Meet the Desert Rain Frog 

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[VIDEO] IT’S HUGE! Giant Black Slug! 

Behold the super-slimy awesomeness that is the Black Sea Hare (Aplysia vaccaria), the world’s largest species of sea slug, weighing up to 30 lbs and measuring over 3 feet long. Black Sea Hares come to shore to lay their eggs and are apparently even slimier to the touch than they look.


Watch as Coyote Peterson of the Brave Wilderness Channel and tide pool expert Aron Sanchez encounter a spectacular specimen of this colossal gastropod mollusk in a tide pools off the coast of the Pacific Ocean in San Pedro, CA Read the rest of this entry »

 [VIDEO] ‘Pirate Cat’ Goes Viral


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