Tokyo Comic-Con Bans, Then Un-Bans, Men From Cosplaying As Women Characters 


Brian Ashcraft reports: This December, the Tokyo Comic-Con kicks off. The event should be similar to its San Diego counterpart, attracting celebrity guests and hordes of cosplayers. However, at the Tokyo event, there’s a significant difference: Men cannot cosplay in women’s clothing.

Update – October 27 5:00am: The Tokyo Comic-Con has reversed its ban on male cosplayers dressing as female characters.

As Anime News Network points out, the official site clearly states such under the “regarding cosplay outfits” section, writing that is “prohibited” for men to wear female clothing (男性による女装は禁止です). The ban uses the Japanese word “jyosou” (女装), a word which is defined as “wearing female clothing” and which has the explicit nuance of referring to men wearing women’s clothing. Read the rest of this entry »

Netflix to Launch In South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong & Taiwan In ‘Early 2016’

Netflix just dipped its toes into Asia with a launch in Japan this month, and now the U.S. video streaming service has revealed plans for a major expansion that will see it hit four more countries…(read more)

Source: TechCrunch

BREAKING: Chicago Imposes 9% ‘Anime Tax’, Begins Enforcement of Anime Control Act


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China Bans Japanese Anime, Manga Comics Including ‘Death Note’, ‘Attack On Titan’


 reports: China’s ministry of culture on Monday issued a list of 38 Japanese animations and comics that would no longer be allowed in the country, online or in any other form. The anime and Chinese leader Xi Jinpingmanga comics include well-known series such as “Attack on Titan,” “High School of the Dead” and “Death Note.” The printed version of “Attack on Titan” has sold over 30 million issues worldwide.

“Fine artworks should be like sunshine in a blue sky and a breeze in spring that will inspire minds.”

— President Xi Jinping

The ministry reportedly said that 29 major Chinese websites including Sohu, Tencent and Baidu have received warnings and have been fined for showing programs that “encourage juvenile delinquency,glorify violence and include sexual content,” China’s news service Xinhua reported, as cited by the Japan Times.

Ministry of culture official Liu Qiang reportedly told Xinhua that the measures were put in place to “protect the healthy development of youth.”

In March, the ministry had announced that it was targeting several lesser-known shows, including “Blood C,” and that a more comprehensive list of banned programs would be issued shortly.

A much larger list was issued in April, which banned a total of 62 manga comics including the highly popular “Sailor Moon” and “Naruto” series. The ministry said at the time that all manga titles were under review. Read the rest of this entry »