[AUDIO] Levin Remembers Andrew Breitbart on Anniversary of his Death


‘Such an easygoing guy, but he was committed to conservatism.’

During his Wednesday night radio show, Mark Levin remembered his late friend and colleague Andrew Breitbart on the five-year anniversary of his sudden and untimely 2012 death.

“We had a fun time together,” Levin recalled of the website founder and namesake. “Such an easygoing guy, but he was committed to conservatism.”andrew-breitbart-bw

“I just want people to know there was a flesh and blood human being before there was a website,” the Conservative Review editor-in-chief explained.

Andrew Breitbart was “that a hard act to follow,” Levin chuckled, recalling the last time he saw the newsmaker and journalist alive.

“He had a wonderful sense of humor, but you would never question his intelligence,” said Levin. “He was a remarkable young man.”

“He was a warrior for conservatism. Absolutely. 100 percent,” Levin concluded. “He’s greatly missed.” … (more)

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[VIDEO] Fascism and Communism: Sister Ideologies

socialism-fascismmussolini-LIFE01 Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini during Hitler's 1938 state visit to Italymussolini-quote

Best Anti-Communist Movies


Ron Capshaw writes:

“…What is striking about these films is that, murder aside, they are very close to the mark in depicting American Communists. As Jim McClain suspected, for example, screenwriters such as John Howard Lawson and Dalton Trumbo, while publicly defending the Bill of Rights, privately amended it. Behind closed doors, Lawson declared that “fascists” (a term defined rather broadly in his lexicon) were ineligible for free-speech protections. Trumbo would later brag to comrades of how he kept anti-Communist films from being made and of how he suppressed anti-Communist submissions to a Hollywood journal he edited during the war. Far from supporting free speech as editor, he told an anti-Communist writer that “free speech” was what had led to the gas chamber in Germany…”

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