The White House, Crown Jewel of Public Housing, Infested with Vermin: Cockroaches, Mice, Ants, Trump

Work orders for the White House reportedly show reports of mice and cockroach infestations in the West Wing, broken toilet seats in the Oval Office and numerous other problems.

The documents, obtained by NBC4 Washington, were made public this week just months after President Trump reportedly criticized the shape that it was left in by the previous administration.

“That White House is a real dump,” he said, according to Golf magazine.

While the president later denied the comment, it turns out there really are loads of issues plaguing the historic structure.

White House officials made hundreds of requests for repairs, equipment and pest control in 2017 with the US General Services Administration — many of which were similar to those made in 2016 during President Barack Obama’s final year in office, NBC4 reports. Read the rest of this entry »

✨Design: Illustrations of Grocery Stores✨


From Morocco to Cuba: Documenting the World’s Endangered Cinemas

When I go to the cinema lately, I’ll admit, it does feel nostalgic, almost as if I’m doing something like they did “in the old days”– and my local cinema isn’t even a charming independent one. Should we blame it on Netflix? From our smartphones to internet-abled TV, today we have more entertainment options at our fingertips all the time, than ever before. Netflix has over 85 million members and operates in more than 190 countries worldwide. You’d like to think that cinemas will never disappear, but are you sure they really won’t?

If it did happen, at least German-born photographer Stephan Zaubitzer will have documented most of what we lost. In an ongoing archive of photographs, Stephan has been taking pictures of cinemas in city centers around the world, endlessly fascinated by their dark interiors and outlandish architecture that always stands out from their urban surroundings.


It all started in Morocco in 2003 when his flight was delayed in Burkina Faso and so he went out into the city to explore and began photographing the city’s movie theatres. The rest is history– and a lot of its fascinating old cinemas….(read more)

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Palace of Soviets, 1930

Source: Официальный форум игры World of Tanks

[VIDEO] At the foot of the Flatiron, NYC (1903) Directed by A.E. Weed

It’s a very windy day, and the pedestrians passing by the Flatiron Building are having considerable difficulty in keeping their hats from flying off.

Directed by A.E. Weed

[Illustration] Futuristic Mid-20th Century Modern Interior Design

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Finca Vigia: Hemingway’s Cuban House

One fan’s trip to author Ernest Hemingway’s newly accessible Cuban abode leads her to a new appreciation of humble furnishings.

Antonia Van Der Meer writes: I love to look at homes as places of inspiration, especially those of famous authors. The Holy Grail for me was Ernest Hemingway’s house in Cuba, known as Finca Vigia (Lookout Farm). There he wrote the Pulitzer-Prize winning “The Old Man and the Sea,” as well as “Islands in the Stream” and “A Moveable Feast.”

[Read the full story here, at WSJ]

I’d heard about the house for years because my brother, William Dupont, a professor of architecture at the University of Texas San Antonio, leads the Finca Vigia Foundation’s U.S. technical team. He works with Cuban colleagues on the restoration and maintenance of the house, which is now a museum. In May, I accompanied him to Havana.

A long driveway separates the farm from the small homes that dot the area around it in San Francisco de Paula, a working class suburb about 20 minutes outside Havana. Read the rest of this entry »

Basilica of the Sacred Heart Notre Dame


Basilica of the Sacred Heart Notre Dame

Pierpont Morgan Library & Museum, NYC

Jukkasjärvi, Sweden: Ice Hotel 2015 

[PHOTO] Modern Receptionist, 1948


Modern Receptionist: 1948 – 

Traffic Lights Installed in Prague’s Narrowest Street

Architect Couple Create a Serene Retreat Hidden in the Heart of Hong Kong Hustle


Leaving the urban clatter and chaos of Wan Chai for the home of architects Winnie Ling and Scott Findley is to enter a serene refuge.

“We love this part of town, we just like the vibrancy of it, plus the materials shops downstairs make a great resource library,” says Ling. “But I wanted [our flat] to be almost spa-like; a place I can come home to after work and feel like I can relax and be pampered.”

“We love this part of town, we just like the vibrancy of it, plus the materials shops downstairs make a great resource library…But I wanted…a place I can come home to after work and feel like I can relax and be pampered.”

Together they turned a cramped, three-bedroom 670 sq ft walk-up apartment into a contemporary, Asian-inspired, one-bedroom haven for two.

“We gutted the whole thing. Opened it up to space and light, but with flexibility and privacy, too.”

— Architect Winnie Ling

Although Ling acknowledges that married architects – both former directors at architectural practice RMJM – are bound to knock heads when designing their own home, the doubling up on expertise was a clear advantage.

[Read the full story here, at South China Morning Post]

On buying the flat four years ago, the pair agreed they would need to restructure the space. Working with a contractor, they opened it up into one long, narrow studio, with only the two bathrooms concealed. The living spaces are defined by partitions, furniture, light and mirrors…..(read more)



Dining area The stainless-steel dining table base and quartz stone top, and the chickenfeather- wood, Chinese-style screen were custom designed for Winnie Ling and Scott Findley’s former home, with the table modified to fit the new space. The Kwun Yum statue in cast bronze was purchased from Ovo Home (16 Queen’s Road East, tel: 2526 7226) while the ceramic tea set was bought years ago in the United States.


Living room The couch and pouffe set; stainless-steel desk, cabinets and office chair; and leather Cab armchairs by Cassina all came from the couple’s previous home, with the former cut down to fit the new layout (modification for HK$2,500 by Patrick Mau, tel: 2614 4118). Mirrored doors concealing deep storage cabinets were refitted from the previous property. The wrought-iron artefact stands (HK$3,300 each) were created to a custom size at Ovo Home, where the couple also purchased the painted metal wire display basket (HK$2,000), lit from beneath by an Ingo Maurer table lamp (no longer in production). An inverted tree base sculpture, from Lane Crawford Home Store (Pacific Place, Admiralty, tel: 2118 3668), came from the previous apartment. A sliding etchedglass partition provides privacy in the bedroom. The Tolomeo Basculante desk lamp, by Artemide, came from Aluminium (58 Queen’s Road East, tel: 2547 5323).


Living room detail An aluminium-clad credenza was reduced in length from five metres to three metres (by Chit Tat Sing, tel: 2699 1156, for HK$5,000) to fit the new apartment. It showcases a limited-edition print by mainland artist Zhang Xiaogang, from Gallery du Monde (Ruttonjee Centre, 11 Duddell Street, Central, tel: 2525 0529), architectural photographs that were gifts from the couple’s photographer son, Jason Findley (JLF Studio;, and a brush painting by their daughter, graphic artist Jessica Findley ( The series of bronze sculptures, by Liu Ruowang, were purchased from Gallery 1949 (, in Beijing. Read the rest of this entry »

Chinese Businessman Builds Star Trek Flagship Replica

Photos of a replica of Star Trek flagship, USS Enterprise, in south China’s Fujian Province have hit social media.

The USS Enterprise is the central starship in CBS’s fictional Star Trek. It is one of the sci-fi genre’s most iconic images.  

The building is reportedly the office headquarters of a software company in Fuzhou city. It is the brainchild of a man named Liu Dajian, who is the founder and chairman of NetDragon Websoft.

It is also the only officially licensed Star Trek building on the planet.

Mr. Liu says he is a super fan of the sci-fi series. He licensed the rights to build the replica from CBS and says he spent 160 million US dollars on the project.

This story also made a buzz on Sina Weibo. As some are amazed by the life-sized USS Enterprise, many others say they are proud of the man who actually paid for the copyright, instead of making it another knockoff.


[PHOTO] ゆうくん View of Ginza


ゆうくん a.k.a. “U”suke

View of Ginza | Flickr 



A Look Inside a Victorian Terrace Home ‘Untouched by Time’


[PHOTO] ‘Futurist’


Andrea da Firenze c. 1366-1367

Andrea da Firenze

Andrea da Firenze c. 1366-1367

Church as Path to Salvation


Choir Screen, Michele Sanmicheli c. 1534


Michele Sanmicheli c. 1534

Choir Screen


Santa Maria delle Grazie, Donato Bramante


Donato Bramante c. 1493

Santa Maria delle Grazie


Philibert de L’orme, Chateau d’Anet

Philibert de L’orme c. 1547-1552 Chateau d’Anet

Philibert de L’orme c. 1547-1552

Chateau d’Anet


City of the Future


LA Desk: ‘The Pope of Broadway,’ Towering Mural of Actor Anthony Quinn, to be Restored


‘The Pope of Broadway,’ a towering mural of actor Anthony Quinn in DTLA, will be restored as part of revitalization.

[PHOTO] Architectural Novelty of the Day


Bruce McCall’s ‘Mom & Pop Mega Superstore’


“Everything that I knew in 1964 is gone,” says this week’s cover artist, Bruce McCall, who came to New York from Canada that year. “I realize there’s a natural cycle. Nothing lasts more than thirty years. No shop, no franchise, even, ever stays more than thirty years. It all just keeps flipping over all the time…(read more)

The New Yorker

Vintage Signage: ‘Color TV King’


Urban Ingenuity: Man Turns Unused Basement Room into a Log Cabin Replica for $107


MAKE Magazine has this gem: For most of us, having a log cabin is only a place we can rent from time to time to get away from the madness in the city. Owning one is out of our reach, however building one is a different matter altogether and doesn’t require a fortune to do so, provided you have an extra room and some basic carpentry skills. Read the rest of this entry »

[PHOTOS] Vintage Automobile Travel: Where to Sleep, Where to Eat in America



[PHOTO] Image of the Day: Speechless