[PHOTO] RAW: Trump Sashimi

Théodore Galle: Emblems for Veridicus Christianus, by Jan David, 1606


Vintage Freak Show: ‘Rubber Skin Man’


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OH YES: Alfred Hitchcock Action Figure

Mondo collaborated with artists Trevor Grove and Michael Norman to create this 1/6 scale collectible figure of filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. The action figure includes:

Director’s Chair
2 Cigars (1 lit & 1 unlit)
Butcher Knife
4 Interchangeable Hands…(read more)


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[VIDEO] How Japan’s Toilet Obsession Produced Some of the World’s Best Bathrooms

The Toto toilet company recently opened a $60 million museum for toilets in Kitakyushu. Everything from giant sumo wrestler toilets to Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s humble washroom to high-tech electric thrones are on display. (Anna Fifield and Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)

Toto, the beloved Japanese toilet maker, has opened a $60 million museum to celebrate its 100th anniversary. And it’s a hit.

KITA-KYUSHU, JAPAN — Anna Fifield reports: If there’s one thing Japan is passionate about, it’s toilets. Potties, loos, restrooms, john, powder room, however you say it, Japan has put a lot of thought into the smallest room of the house.

Japan loves its toilets so much they opened a museum for them

Japan is famous for its high-tech, derriere-washing, tushie-warming toilets. These are now such a valued part of Japanese culture that Toto, the beloved Japanese brand, has just built a $60 million museum devoted to its renowned product, at its home base in Kita-Kyushu, on the southern-most of Japan’s four main islands.

Toto even makes extra-wide, extra load-bearing toilets for sumo wrestling stadiums.

In Japan, there’s an app to help women find restrooms with space to fix their make-up.

Here are four things you might not know about Japan’s obsession with lavatories.

Theres an app for that

Dont take your chances going to a restroom without a little seat in the stall for your baby, or a fold-down platform for standing on while you get changed so you don’t have to put your feet on the bathroom floor.

There are a bunch of apps in Japan that can help you find the nearest public bathroom, or one with a special facility, like large stalls with facilities for people with ostomates (a relatively common issue in rapidly aging Japan).

[Read the full story here, at The Washington Post]

Lion, a manufacturer of diarrhea medicine Stoppa (and various toiletries and detergents), provides an app @Toilet for people who need to take care of their business urgently away from the home or office. Click on the “emergency” button and it locates the closest restroom.

NPO Check operates a free app called Check a Toilet, listing over 53,000 restrooms in major cities. It shows restrooms nearby with information including whether they’re wheelchair accessible and/or have ostomate-friendly functions. Users can contribute by submitting information on the restrooms they’ve visited.

The Asahi Shimbun carried a story in August about a toilet opening ceremony in Aichi prefecture that involves drinking tea and eating rice cakes on the loo.

And for those ladies who, we now know, need clean bathrooms if they’re ever to leave the house, the well-known map publishing company Zenrin offers an app for women called Koisuru Map — A Map in Love — with information about nail salons, cafes and clean restrooms. This app includes information such as whether there’s a powder space for fixing your makeup, electrical outlets and diaper changing facilities. Zenrin’s (female) staff visits and reviews each bathroom before adding it to their list.

Theres a god of the toilet. Really.

You know how Japan’s washrooms got to be so clean and full of advanced technology? Maybe because they’re being watched over by a toilet god.

Here’s a video about a shrine to the toilet god in Tokyo.

According to the myth, Kawaya-no-kami, the Japanese toilet god, was, appropriately enough, born from the excrement of Izanami, the Japanese goddess of the Earth and darkness. Read the rest of this entry »

[PHOTOS] Jackson Pollock’s House & Studio


[PHOTO] Winston Churchill, Painting


Illustration Showcase: Joseph Veazey

01_800-1 03_800-1

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[Joseph Veazey | ILLUSTRATION AGE]

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Edward Hopper


Who’s Up for Breaking Bad Art?



Edgar Degas: Study of Contrebassist


Edgar Degas. Study of contrebassist

Film Poster: Orson Wells ‘The Trial’ 1962


Big Bang Extra Loud: Space Missile Brand Best Quality Supercharged Firecrackers


Vintage Chinese Coca Cola Ad




IRON MAN: Seen on Break Room Chalkboard





Andy Warhol Screenprint: Vote McGovern, 1972


Andy Warhol: Vote McGovern, 1972 – screenprint

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[PHOTO] Andy Warhol and Ingrid Superstar: Photographed by Larry Fink


The Thrill Of It All

[VIDEO] ‘Hello, Dimitri’ Dr. Strangelove 1964

Vintage Sci-Fi Movie Poster: The WEIRDEST Visitor the Earth Has Ever Seen! ‘The Man From Planet X’, 1951


Description from Internet Movie Database:

“As a mysterious planet hurls itself toward earth, an enigmatic extraterrestrial scout arrives on a remote Scottish island with unknown intentions.”

DirectorEdgar G. Ulmer WritersAubrey WisbergJack Pollexfen StarsRobert ClarkeMargaret FieldRaymond Bond

See full cast and crew »

Silver Scream

Vintage Movie Poster of the Day: Boris Karloff in ‘The Walking Dead’, 1942


Silver Scream

[PHOTO] Postcard: Port of Yokohama, 1903

Via 縁起もの Engimono, a lovely turn-of-the-century artifact from Japan, a 1903 postcard featuring a hand-tinted photo of the Port of Yokohama:

This postcard shows what the Port of Yokohama (a major Japanese shipping port) looked like back around 1903.  The image is hand-tinted.  The stamp is postmarked September 20th, 1903.


By 1903, Japan was well on the way modernity, some 35 years having passed since the Meiji Restoration.  Furthermore, the Port of Yokohama had been a center for commerce since its opening to international trade in 1859.

Looking at the photo, I assume that the large building in the background is the Silk Inspection Hall where silk was inspected before export overseas.  As the port was developed further in the early 20th Century(read more) 

縁起もの Engimono


Vintage Book Cover Art of the Day: They Tampered with Eternity ‘The Twisted Men’



Image of the Night: Vladmobama


[BOOKS] Graphic Novel ‘Forgotten Man’ Offers a Fresh Look at The New Deal

The Forgotten Man

Liberals often have their way in the realm of entertainment, dominating film, television and music.

Breitbart News reports: The graphic novel realm can also lean left, but that didn’t stop the creators of The Forgotten Man. The new graphic novel, from Amity Shlaes and Paul Rivoche, tackles the Great Depression from a center-right perspective. The black and white book argues that the New Deal effectively prolonged the country’s economic hardships.

[You can order the book “The Forgotten Man Graphic Edition: A New History of the Great Depression” from Amazon]

The duo chatted with Ed Driscoll about their project, and the conversation soon shifted to the culture wars. They argued that liberty loving artists must take a stand with their work…(read moreBreitbart News

[You can also order the book: “A People’s History of American Empire” from Amazon]



Twenty-one Ads from 1950s Japan

Wonderful item from 50 Watts:





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Vintage Movie Poster of the Night: Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest’



Original cover Art by Gene Day from Master of Kung Fu #104, published by Marvel Comics, September 1981


The Bristol Board

Vintage Movie Poster: Danish ‘Creature from the Black Lagoon’


Silver Scream 

Magazine Cover Illustration of the Month


Vintage Toy of the Day: ‘Sparkling Tank’ 1930s

tumblr_n5iu0ywsBp1s4rha3o1_500 copy

Fortune Cookie

American Folk Art: Artist Barry ‘Wildman’ Snyder’s Produce Sticker Obsession


For Modern Farmer, Sam BraschAt 60, Barry “Wildman” Snyder can’t eat his way to all the stickers he needs for his art work. The late-night trips to the grocery store for plum labels are stories from his days as a younger man.


Now, he prefers dry fruit. Fans mail the stickers from their fresh veggies to him on pieces of wax paper. The sheets lay on his lap in the morning when he fills the outline of a Frank Zappa album cover imitation or, most recently, an old Studebaker truck.



Since picking up the hobby as a high schooler in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, he has noticed a few changes in the little pieces of paper or plastic stuck to fruits and vegetables. The adhesives on the back of each sticker vary, so he adds a touch of Elmer’s before adding each on to his collage. He also isn’t quite sure what to do as identification numbers and bar codes make up more and more of each sticker, crowding out some of his needed colors.


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Vintage Movie Poster: ‘An Evil Masterpiece of Macabre Love’ 1961 ‘The Innocents’ with Deborah Kerr


A young governess for two children becomes convinced that the house and grounds are haunted.

Director: Jack Clayton

Writers: Henry James (novel), John Mortimer (additional scenes & dialogue), 2 more credits »

Stars: Deborah KerrPeter WyngardeMegs Jenkins |See full cast and crew »

criterioncast – Internet Move Database

[IMAGE] Comic Panel of the Day: HULK


[new lyrics for old songs]

Bewitched: Elizabeth Montgomery talk show interview from 1966


From the Vintage Vault: Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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[Photos] ‘100 Iconic Photos That Forever Define..’


First purchase of legal marijuana in Colorado, 2014


Astronauts go for a walk


A young Afghan woman shows her face in public for the first time after 5 years of Taliban Sharia law, 2001.

(see more photos here) 

…100 Iconic Photos That Forever Define The 21st Century So Far

Utagawa Kuniyoshi Woodblock Print


“Dragon”  Artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi. Woodblock print. About 1840s, Japan

Japanese Aesthetics

Vintage Comic Panel of the Day: ‘Hawk Girl’ by Alex Saviuk & Romeo Tanghal



May Day, First of May, Ancient Passage

©Photo. R.M.N. / R.-G. Ojéda

May Day, the first day of May, was a time to celebrate the arrival of spring. In the Middle Ages it was the custom to gather wildflowers and green branches, weave floral garlands, and dance around a Maypole.

image: Folio 5v: the calendar page for May of Les Trés Riches Heures du Duc de Berry.

Medium Aevum

[PHOTO] Paul McCartney: McSelfie