Mystery: ‘Muhammad had expressed hatred toward white people and the government’, ‘wasn’t clear if it was terror-related’

From today’s LA Times:

…In less than a minute, Dyer said, 16 shots were fired at the four different locations.

Moments later, a PG&E pickup truck arrived at police headquarters at Fresno and M streets to report his passenger had been shot by a gunman who approached them, he said. Dyer said the attack was unprovoked.

The gunman then walked westbound on East Mildreda Avenue from Van Ness, where he came across a resident. He then opened fire on the resident, the chief said. The resident was not struck by the gunfire.

The gunman continued walking on Mildreda and approached Fulton Street, where he encountered a man. The gunman fired several rounds at the man, killing him, Dyer said.

At this point, the chief said, the gunman unloaded his .357 revolver, dropped the shell casings and reloaded his gun.

He then headed toward Catholic Charities in the 100 block of North Fulton Street and opened fire on a man in the parking lot, striking and killing him, Dyer said. Read the rest of this entry »

UPDATE: Rifle Recovered at the Scene of the #CascadeMallshooting, Suspect Still At large 


UPDATE 8:32 a.m. (PT): Authorities say they have recovered a rifle at the scene of the Cascade Mall shooting. The suspect is still at large, and a manhunt is underway. At this time, police do not have a name or positive identification on the suspect. Early descriptions based on witness accounts described the suspect as “Hispanic”; however, the race of the suspected gunman has not been confirmed by authorities.

Police say the suspect appeared to enter the mall without a weapon, and walked into a Macy’s approximately ten minutes later with a rifle. There, the suspect fired multiple times and killed four women at the scene (one man died of his injuries at Harborview Medical Center). Read the rest of this entry »

Vladimir Putin Honors Critical Russian Journalist’s Birthday with a Celebratory Gunshot Wound to Journalists’s Head 


Alexander Shchetinin found dead with a gun near his body after friends tried to visit him at home.

Rachael Pells reports: A well-known Russian journalist and critic of President Vladimir Putin has been found dead in his Kiev apartment with a gunshot wound to the head.

The body of Alexander Shchetinin, founder the Novy Region (New Region) press agency, was found at his flat after friends tried to visit him on his birthday.

A police spokesperson said Kiev forces were alerted of Ms Shchetinin’s death at around midnight on Saturday. He is believed to have died a few hours earlier, between 8 and 9.30pm.

Officials have speculated that his death was caused by suicide, after a gun was found near his body along with spent cartridges, and the door to his apartment was said to be locked. Read the rest of this entry »

WAR ON COPS: Police Searching for Suspects After Cop Shot and Killed in Chicago Suburb 


Officer died at scene, found without his gun, equipment

AWR Hawkins reportsAccording to CBS Chicago, “Lake County Sheriff’s Det. Chris Covelli said, around 7:50 a.m., the officer radioed he was pursuing three suspects, after looking into their ‘suspicious activity.’ Police lost radio contact with the officer, who was later found with a gunshot wound.”

Police indicate that the trio consists of two white males and one black male. CBS Chicago points to “unconfirmed reports” that the trio may have taken the fallen “officer’s gun and pepper spray.”


The manhunt appears to be centered “on a marshy area off Rainier Way and Rollins Road.” Read the rest of this entry »

Woman Attacked by Ax-Wielding Clown


A woman in North Carolina told police she was attacked in her home by an ax-wielding clown.

The victim told the police in Hickory, N.C. that a person wearing a clown mask and a multicolored wig had come by her residence at 4:30 a.m. Friday morning and began to swing his ax at her.

“Any law enforcement officer who comes in contact with the suspect in question will have full ability to arrest him.”

The victim was able to take the mask off the attacker and discover that it was an acquaintance of hers, who then fled the scene. She was not injured in the incident.

Hickory Police Department spokesperson Chrystal Dieter told TIME that there was an “outstanding warrant” against the suspect…(read more)


More: A warrant is out for the arrest of an ax-wielding clown after an alleged attempted assault Friday.

Police responded to a Hickory residence at 4:32 a.m. Friday after receiving a report about a clown with an ax, Hickory Police Department spokeswoman Chrystal Dieter told the Hickory Daily Record. Read the rest of this entry »

Neighborhood Busybody Reports Sound Of Gunshots


 “As soon as that first burst of gunfire and screaming rang out, I’m sure Sally couldn’t get to the phone fast enough.”

INDIANAPOLIS—Once again sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, neighborhood busybody Sally Christensen, 54, reportedly took it upon herself to report the sound of gunshots to law enforcement early Tuesday morning, sources confirmed.

“Sally only needs the smallest excuse to pry into other people’s business and then it’s off to the races. It’s like, worry about your own life and let whoever was involved in that bloody shootout worry about theirs, all right?”

“As soon as that first burst of gunfire and screaming rang out, I’m sure Sally couldn’t get to the phone fast enough,” neighbor Glenn Maurer said after learning that the homemaker and mother of three had called 911 Read the rest of this entry »

Police Looking for Serial Armed Robber Hitting Seattle Sandwich Shops, Coffee Stands

SEATTLE — Police are hoping the public can help identify an armed robber who they say has been targeting restaurants and coffee shops in the Queen Anne, Wedgwood, Ravenna, Maple Leaf, and Greenwood neighborhoods.

Police said Wednesday that over the past three months, the masked gunman has walked into seven different businesses — sometimes just as staff are closing up shop — and demanded money from employees while holding them at gunpoint. Read the rest of this entry »

Next Week’s New Yorker Cover ‘Injustice: #Baltimore, 2015’, by Peter Mendelsund


An early look at next week’s cover, “Injustice: Baltimore, 2015,” by Peter Mendelsund.

Baltimore Officer is Unconscious

Baltimore Protests Turn Violent

Mass Shooting in Manhattan as Gunman Kills One and Injures Four – Including Two Women – After Opening Fire on Busy Sidewalk


David Mccormack For reports: A man was killed and four others injured after an unknown gunman opened fire on a Manhattan street on Sunday night.

The victims were stood on the sidewalk on Broadway near West 136th Street in the Harlem neighborhood at 11.15pm when the shooting occurred.

“I knew they were gunshots and when I looked outside I saw about 15 people running down the street.”

One victim died from a gunshot wound to the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene and no further information is known about him at this time.


A man was killed and four others injured: The victims were stood on the sidewalk on Broadway near West 136th Street in the Harlem neighborhood at 11:15 p.m. when the shooting occurred

Two victims – a 24-year-old man with gunshot wounds to the right arm and ankle and a 22-year-old man with gunshot wounds to the torso and leg – were transported to Harlem Hospital. They are both listed as in a stable condition.

The two other victims were both 21-year-old females who received gunshot wounds to the shoulder. They were transported to St. Luke’s Hospital and both are listed as stable.

The motive behind the shootings is not immediately clear.

A witness said he heard six loud shouts. Read the rest of this entry »

Brave Clerk Fights Off Armed Robber with Unregulated Full-Metal Napkin Dispenser


Washington State Legislature to Introduce Metal Napkin Dispenser Control Act to Establish Guidelines for Napkin Dispenser Background Checks, Regulate Production and Ownership of Defensive Full-Metal Napkin Dispensers

BURLINGTON, Wash. — Cops are on the hunt for a serial armed robber and police say his last target was a clerk inside the Lafeen’s Donut shop on November 30.

But thanks to a brave store clerk police now have a clear view of the suspect’s face.crime-fighter

Investigators think the same man is responsible for robberies stretching from Burlington to Bellingham.

“It just makes me mad,” said clerk Sara Mora, “It makes me angry.”

Mora was working in the back of the store when she heard a customer walk in.

But when she saw a man guy holding a gun, she did exactly as she was told.

“Right when he flashes his gun I’m like, whoa,” she said. “This is the end of me, my life ends right here.”

The thief made Sara empty the register. But when the suspect turned to cut the phone lines, Sara made her move and armed herself with a metal napkin dispenser.

During the struggle Sara pulled down the suspect’s hood. Investigators said the image of the man captured on video is their best chance to identify the suspect.

“It gives us a very description of who we’re looking for,” said Officer Jed Cates of the Burlington Police Department. “He’s obviously shown that he’s willing to do it, this has occurred 4 times in Bellingham.”

Investigators believe the suspect is responsible for other armed robberies in Bellingham; several were also captured on surveillance video. Read the rest of this entry »

Alaska man uses Neosporin to treat gunshot wound to head, doesnt get help for 5 days


ANCHOR POINT, Alaska, May 16 (UPI) — Alaska residents are known to be very self-reliant, but one man took that to the extreme by waiting five days to seek medical attention for a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

“No treatment before today other than he put Neosporin on the wounds”

Instead of going to the hospital, an Anchor Point man treated his “serious but not life-threatening” wound with Neosporin and other supplies he had on hand.

Workers at South Peninsula Hospital alerted Alaska State Troopers when the 43-year-old man came in for treatment on Thursday. Read the rest of this entry »

BBC [VIDEO] ‘This is What a Truce Looks Like’

The BBC’s Duncan Crawford reports that Independence Square resembled a battleground.

At least 21 protesters have been killed in renewed clashes with police in central Kiev after a truce agreed on Wednesday broke down.

Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: Creigh Deeds (D) stabbed at home, son dead

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds makes a speech to supporters in Richmond on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009, after losing the Virginia governor's race to Republican Bob McDonnell. At far left is Deed's son, Gus. (Jacquelyn Martin | The Associated Press)

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds in Richmond on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009, after losing the Virginia governor’s race to Republican Bob McDonnell. At far left is Deed’s son, Gus. (Jacquelyn Martin | The Associated Press)

Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, is in a hospital after being stabbed this morning in his home, the Richmond Times-Dispatch is reporting. His son, Gus, died from a gunshot wound.

The events leading up to the shooting and stabbing were unclear, the newspaper was reporting. State Police said troopers arrived at Deeds’ Bath County residence around 7:25 a.m. and remain on scene as they investigate the incident.

Deeds was flown from the scene to the University of Virginia Medical Center and was listed in critical condition. A message left for a university spokeswoman was not immediately returned. Read the rest of this entry »