Maybe Pain Will Teach You Millenials Not To Vote For Your Own Serfdom

Thanks again, suckers. Now get off my lawn.

Thanks again, suckers. Now get off my lawn.

Kurt Schlichter writes: You Millenials voted for Obama by a margin of 28 percent, which will make it a lot easier for me to accept the benefits you will be paying for. We warned you that liberalism was a scam designed to take the fruits of your labor and transfer it to us, the older, established generation. Oh, and also to the couch-dwelling, Democrat-voting losers who live off of food stamps and order junk from QVC with their Obamaphones.

You didn’t listen to us. Maybe you’ll listen to pain.

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In Shift, Romney Campaign Makes Push in Pennsylvania

“…But there is a tangible sense — seen in Romney yard signs on the expansive lawns of homes in the well-heeled suburbs, and heard in the excited voices of Republican mothers who make phone calls to voters in their spare time — that the race is tilting toward Mr. Romney…”


Obama Insults Women With Big Government Paternalism

By Cathy Young

Amidst this campaign’s bickering about which candidate is women’s friend or foe, the Obama camp targets young women in an eye-catching web ad intended as feminist but, in fact, profoundly insulting. Its main effect is to show that, while the Republicans have serious “woman problems” of their own making, the Democrats often peddle a pseudo-feminist paternalism that reeks of condescension.

The one-minute Obama for America spot features Lena Dunham, 26-year-old creator and star of the HBO show Girls, addressing a college-age female audience. “Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody. You want to do it with a great guy,” Dunham says. “Someone who really cares about and understands women. It should be with a guy who cares whether you get health insurance, and specifically whether you get birth control.” At the end of the video, Dunham reminisces in hushed giddy tones, “My first-time voting was amazing… Before, I was a girl; now, I was a woman.” Then, with a coy suggestive grin, she discloses that she voted for (who else?) Barack Obama.

How to count the ways in which this is wrong? To start with, there’s the innuendo-laced voting-as-sex (or sex-as-voting) metaphor, in which a woman’s exercise of her basic right of citizenship is analogized both to choosing her first lover and to giving her virginity to the man she chooses as leader. It plays like a parody of the sexist clichés that reduce women’s lives to their sexual functions—and women’s politics to eroticized worship for the ultimate alpha male.

This particular alpha male is more sensitive than dominant, but make no mistake: it is still his role to take care of the little woman. It’s almost as if the ad makers wanted to validate conservative claims that the Democrats’ pitch to women is the state as a substitute husband — Uncle Sam taking over the traditional male role of provider and protector.

Many critics saw this theme in the Obama campaign’s famous interactive online ad, “The Life of Julia,” which tracked the Obama-favored government programs that would help a fictional woman through her life, from school to work to motherhood (with no husband in sight) to retirement. But in the “Julia” ad, the “Hubby Sam” theme was only inferred; it could be seen as a more general, albeit female-geared, statement about the benefits of government. In the “First Time” ad, the “let the government be your man” subtext is not even “sub.”

Young female voters, moreover, are portrayed in nakedly stereotypical terms: besides a mention of bringing soldiers home from Iraq and an obscure pay equity reference, they seem to care only about birth control and perfect weddings. Yes, weddings: when Dunham discusses Romney’s opposition to same-sex marriage, she says that he thinks “gay people should never have the kind of beautiful, complicated weddings that we see on Bravo and TLC all the time.”

There’s another cringeworthy twist: The video echoes a Russian campaign ad from earlier this year in which a young cutie consulting a fortuneteller about her “first time” discovered that her “intended” was Vladimir Putin. “I see that it will be for love, and with no cheating,” the psychic told her; “he’ll protect you like a stone wall.” The tagline read, “Putin: The first time, only for (heart).” After watching that, I told a Russian-speaking friend that, however bad American politicking might get, at least we wouldn’t see anything so crass or sexist here. Oops…


Panic is Delicious

…In the 2012 election, as long as Obama was inevitable, he was inevitable. Beyond the pundits, there was the emerging belief that the macro polling models of guys like Nate Silver could not be wrong. The basic message was, “Obamas certainty of reelection is so large entirely new domains of mathematics are required to state it properly.”

The arguments for Romneys election were always framed as, “Well, IF he wins Florida and IF he wins Virginia and IF Hillary is an Al Qaida sleeper agent and IF Biden is caught in a Delaware hotel room with a Guatemalan pan flute band and a non-consenting farm animal…then maybe theres a fraction of a chance.”

The political media declared Mitt Romney dead for thirty long days between the end of the convention and the debate. But somewhere in those thirty days, Mitt Romney was born again.  Hard.

You can see the fear in the Obama campaign now, as they careen from message to message, flailing, desperate for something – anything – to stick.

You can see their gyros tumbling as they slew from Big Bird to abortion to “Mitt Romney is a lying liar liarpants McLiar” to the walking disaster that is Stephanie Cutter every time she opens her mouth to the remarkable, bizarre interview the Three Divas Axelrod, Plouffe and Messina, obviously gave Mark Halperin this week. Their campaign is out of control, and they know it…

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Video: Obama Campaign Voter Fraud

…In the video, an undercover Obama “volunteer”  tells Organizing for America’s Stephanie Caballero that she wanted to vote twice to help reelect President Obama.

The undercover “volunteer” tells Caballero, “I’m going to vote by ballot and then I have mine here too.”

After the volunteer tells Caballero her plan, Caballero volunteers to help the double voter get the forms to request an absentee ballot in Florida. “I’ll print that out and you just have to mail it back,” Caballero says.

The undercover “volunteer” says, “I don’t want to get in any trouble, but like I said, if no one’s gonna know.”

The paid Obama Organizing for America director’s response: [Laughter] “Oh my God this is so funny! It’s cool though!”

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Tuesday Morning Inventory…

Developing: Obama campaign illegally solicited foreign donors…

UpdatedWho is Robert Roche? –via >> Eliana Johnson >> The Corner

“President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has been soliciting foreigners for donations, an explosive report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute GAI shows…”

The Daily Caller

“…the report found that the website, which is not owned by President Barack Obama’s campaign but redirects to the campaign’s official donation page, may make the Obama campaign the most susceptible to illicit foreign donations. is connected to an Obama campaign bundler, Robert Roche, who is from Chicago but now lives and co-founded a corporation in China. Roche has direct ties to China’s state-owned banking industry…”

“In an explosive report set to send shockwaves through official Washington, the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) released a 108-page GAI investigation into the threat of foreign and fraudulent Internet campaign donations in U.S. federal elections (visit to download the full report)…”

Katie Pavlich has a great analysis of the report:

OFA seems to be taking advantage of a “foreign donor loophole” by not using CVV on their campaign donation page. When you donate online to the Obama campaign using a credit card, the contribution webpage does not require donors to enter a secure CVV number (also known as CSC, CVV2 or CVN), the three-digit securing code on the back of credit cards. This code, although not 100 percent effective, is used to ensure a person making a purchase physically possesses the card. According to the report, 90 percent of e-commerce and 19 of the 20 largest charities in the United States use a CVV code, making its use standard industry practice in order to prevent fraud. Another anti-fraud security measure includes software, better known as an Address Verification System, to verify a donor’s address matches the address on file with the credit card company. The investigation could not determine whether OFA is using this type of software to prevent fraudulent or illegal donations.

Because of the lack of a CVV code requirement, the door is opened for OFA to accept robo-donations, or in other words, large numbers of small and automatic donations made online to evade FEC reporting requirements…

…not surprisingly under these circumstances, more than two-thirds of all traffic to comes from outside the US:

“68% Of Traffic To Anonymously Registered Is Foreign: According to industry leading web analytics site Markosweb, an anonymously registered redirect site ( features 68 % foreign traffic…”


Without voting, noncitizens could swing the election for Obama – The Washington Post

If President Obama wins reelection by three or four Electoral College votes next month, the reason may be simple: noncitizens, mostly immigrants, who don’t have the right to vote. No, I’m not talking about his immigration policy or his popularity with Latinos. Nor does this have anything to do with voter fraud. Rather, an Obama victory could hinge on a quirk in the Constitution that gives noncitizens, a group that includes illegal immigrants and legal permanent residents, a say in electing the president of the United States…

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The Debate in Body Language

There was a lot of talk about body language and presence tonight, but I think this sums it up.

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Report: Obama Campaign Impersonating Election Officials

A new report in the Tampa Bay Times suggests that Obama campaign staffers are impersonating election officials. The broader allegation is that Obama staffers are misleading voters.

florida“Pasco County Supervisor of Elections Brian Corley is warning voters about potentially misleading early voting information after his office received hundreds of inquiries from voters Tuesday wanting to cast early ballots.Early voting in Florida doesn’t begin until Oct. 27 and lasts through Nov. 3. Corley traced one of the complaints to a robocall from Organizing for America, an arm of the Democratic Party,” reports the Tampa Bay Times.

The report states: “This issue arose a day after Corley took a complaint from a voter about an OFA volunteer who initially said he worked for the elections office. The man told the voter there was a problem with her voter registration status, though officials confirmed her registration is fine.”

Obama campaign officials tell the paper “the call refers to a program where voters can request an absentee ballot at the elections office and fill it out on the spot,” the paper paraphrases.

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Veterans Retreating from Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is trying hard to win veterans, but it looks like they’d prefer a new commander in chief.

The Obama campaign had been hoping that veterans and their families — especially among the post-Sept. 11 generation that served in Iraq and Afghanistan — would be part of their path to victory: They’re a high turn-out demographic and concentrated in battleground states, with nearly 1 million each in North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia, and 1.6 million in Florida.

But recent polls make clear that the president’s campaign is losing the battle…

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What’s the difference between Chris Matthews and Ron Burgundy?

The Dumbest Anchormen - National Review Online

Chris Matthews’ Creepy Delusional Crackpot Paranoia Brilliantly Exposed by Jonah Goldberg

…What’s the difference between Chris Matthews and Ron Burgundy? Answer: One is a pompous, self-absorbed, often-in-error-but-never-in-doubt blowhard impervious to facts and logic. The other has a really bushy mustache.

Ron Burgundy believed that “San Diego” was German for a whale’s lady parts; meanwhile, Matthews seems to believe that “Chicago” is English — or at least Republican English — for “den of panhandling negroes.” By now you’ve probably heard about the exchange on MSNBC between New York magazine’s John Heilemann and Matthews in which the two worked out the hidden code in Republican politics. “They keep saying ‘Chicago,’” Matthews said. “That’s another thing that sends that message — this guy’s helping the poor people in the bad neighborhoods, screwing us in the ’burbs.”

Heilemann nodded, adding, “There’s a lot of black people in Chicago.”

Indeed there are. Though it’s worth noting that the Windy City is still more white than black. Its mayor, Rahm Emanuel, who just happens to have been Obama’s chief of staff, isn’t particularly dark-skinned. Oh, and Barack Obama, the incumbent president, launched and built his entire political career in Chicago, a city synonymous with cutthroat machine politics for more than a century. And it’s where the Obama reelection headquarters are. Countless white reporters at the New York Times, NBC, NPR, the Washington Post, and elsewhere use the term “Chicago” as a shorthand for the Obama campaign. But when Republicans say “Chicago” which few did at the Republican convention, by the way, there can be no doubt: It’s a stand-in for the N-word.

Never mind that the charge that Obama is a big-city liberal who wants to redistribute more wealth from the haves to the have-nots is actually true. I could recycle all of Obama’s quotes about fairness and spreading the wealth around. I could walk you through the food-stamp numbers under Obama and the increased progressivity he wants in the tax code. I could even present selections from The Audacity of Hope. But that’s the problem. That would be racist, too. Because the key factor in determining whether something is racist is whether it is inconvenient to Barack Obama…

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Jonah– well played

Obama Campaign Quietly Ditches Faux Flag

The Obama campaign produced a poster of an American flag, with Obama’s “O” symbol replacing the field of stars, as an item of campaign merchandise, selling for $35. The image was tasteless at best. It is hard to imagine any other politician arrogant enough to remake the flag in his own image:

Barack Obama, however, has never been one to be deterred by bad taste. The larger problem was that, as many pointed out, the flag bore an uncanny resemblance to this grisly photograph taken at the American consulate in Benghazi:

So the Obama campaign has quietly ditched the flag poster, which now returns an error message if you try to buy it at the Obama store.

I can’t think of an analogy to this fiasco: the Obama campaign’s initial insensitivity to proper uses of the flag was bad enough, and then it was compounded by bringing to mind one of the administration’s foreign policy disasters. One can only imagine the hysteria if a similar mishap had befallen George Bush’s re-election campaign. And yet, our reporters assure us that it is Mitt Romney who has had a bad couple of weeks!

JOE updates: The Obama website returns this “page not found” message when you try to buy the flag:

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Top Ten Obama Campaign Disasters–So Far

The media insist that Mitt Romney is running a bad campaign. Whether that’s true or not, one thing is certain: Barack Obama’s campaign is undoubtedly worse. From day one, Obama’s re-election effort has been a microcosm of his failures in office. Here is a list of the top ten Obama campaign disasters–and there are still six weeks to go!

1. AttackWatch The sequel to Obama’s “Fight the Smears” website from 2008, and his “” rat-out-your-neighbors effort during the Obamacare debate, #AttackWatch was part of a larger effort to target Obama’s opponents for confrontation. Conservatives quickly defused AttackWatch by spoofing it–and even the mainstream media was forced to acknowledge briefly Obama’s thin-skinned and vindictive tactics.

2. Charlotte Democrats hoped to expand on their gains in 2008 by hosting their 2008 convention in North Carolina. But unions balked at North Carolina’s right-to-work laws, and Democrats–having demonized banks–were embarrassed that Obama was to hold his acceptance speech in the outdoor Bank of America Stadium. In the end, the Obama campaign couldn’t even fill enough seats, and had to move the speech back indoors.

3. Joe Soptic’s Wife How desperate do you have to be to accuse your opponent of killing an innocent woman? That’s what the Obama camp did when Obama’s super PAC aired a commercial featuring untrue claims by Joe Soptic, a man laid off at a company once owned by Bain Capital. The Obama campaign claimed they had no knowledge of Soptic’s crazy story–until it was revealed that they had touted it on a conference call.

4. “Felon” In another sign of desperation, the Obama campaign alleged that Romney may have committed a felony in signing Bain Capital’s reports to the SEC after Romney was no longer actively running the company. Even the Obama-friendly fact-checkers at mainstream news outlets weren’t buying that one. Given the chance to back away from his campaign’s outrageously false accusation, President Obama doubled down on it.

5. “You Didn’t Build That” When Obama decided to mock small business owners and the idea of individual achievement, he gave Romney a much-needed opportunity to clarify his differences with the president, and rally support around his economic policy. “You Didn’t Build That” became the main knock on Obama at the Republican National Convention, and was a consistent punching bag in ads targeted at swing states.

6. Won’t Say if America is Better Off Than Four Years Ago Every single Obama surrogate–even head guru David Axelrod himself–failed to answer the most basic question a president running for re-election must face: are we better off than we were four years ago? In their defense, Obama himself had already acknowledged that we aren’t, so the responsibility for that particular bungle goes straight to the man on top.

7. Biden “Back in Chains” Vice President effectively conceded to newly-nominated Romney running mate Paul Ryan when he embarrassed the Obama campaign in August by warning a largely black audience that Romney would “put y’all back in chains.” The campaign, typically, refused to denounce Biden’s racial scare-mongering. But Biden sealed impressions of him as incompetent–even in the mainstream media.

8. Jerusalem Floor Fight Obama broke his 2008 campaign promise to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital–and Democrats changed their platform to conform to his new policy. When outrage erupted over the omission of pro-Israel language, and any mention of God, in the party platform, Obama forced through amendments–but not before a noisy floor fight made it clear where many in the party actually stood.

9. 9/11 Embassy Attacks Not only did Obama fail to protect the ambassador in Libya and the embassy in Cairo, but he also kowtowed to the attackers over any offense caused by an anti-Muslim film, propagating the lie that the film provoked the attacks, and giving Romney an opening on foreign policy. Obama–campaigning rather than governing–compounded the damage with a gaffe claiming that Egypt was no longer an ally.

10. Giving Up on “Change” Facing tough questions for virtually the first time on the campaign trail, Obama told a Univision audience that, after four years in office, he did not believe he could change Washington “from inside.” Romney immediately pounced–and left-wing critics of Obama agreed–on what became a metaphor for Obama’s failure to fulfill the ambitious, messianic hopes of his 2008 campaign–or even basic promises.

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