Another Day in Obama’s America: Man Shames Panhandlers Who Refused His Job Offer

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Standing next to two panhandlers in Iowa, one man held a sign that read, “Don’t give money.”

He had apparently offered them a job at his business and they refused.

“My Uncle Mike offered these guys a job said he was busy right now could use the help they said no so he did this!!”

“I said, You’re hired,’ and they said, ‘We’re not from around here.’ I said, ‘Well, you’re here,’ and then they just smirked and turned around,” Mike Pothoff told  WQAD-TV.

A photo posted by Michael Wooldridge, who says Pothoff is his uncle, on Dec. 12 on Facebook has since gone viral with over 24,943 shares.


Wooldridge wrote, “My Uncle Mike offered these guys a job said he was busy right now could use the help they said no so he did this!!”

Pothoff told WQAD that the job offer is still valid. He shared his reason for shaming them with the station.

“There’s a lot of women and kids that aren’t going to have a lot for Christmas – might not have anything – and it upsets me that we have younger kids, or people who can work, that are doing that,” Pothoff said….(read more)

Source: USAToday

OH YES HE DID: Bridgeport Officer Who Reported Racist Letter Wrote It


A former Bridgeport police officer who claimed someone left a racist memo on police letterhead in his mailbox at headquarters in February admitted to writing the letter himself and has been charged with filing a false report, according to police.

Former Officer Clive Higgins reported that he found a racist hate letter in his police mailbox the morning of Monday, Feb. 9 and feared for his life because of it.

The letter, printed on paper marked with the department’s official letterhead, started off with “WHITE POWER” and went on to say “Officer Clive Higgins doesn’t belong here in this Police Department” and “These Black Officers belong in the toilet.”

Authorities Investigate Racist Letter at Bridgeport PD

Authorities Investigate Racist Letter at Bridgeport PD

A month earlier, Higgins was acquitted in connection with a 2011 police brutality case in which officers were caught on camera beating a suspect at Beardsley Park and shooting him with a stun gun. Two other officers were convicted, but a federal jury found Higgins not guilty.

“He’s not getting his gun or his badge back. He didn’t even support his fellow Officers in Court,” the letter stated. “Where were you Higgins ?? You better watch your back.. We know where you live.” Read the rest of this entry »

Stolen CentCom Computers Found on eBay


TAMPA — Patty Ryan reports: The internal theft of five laptop computers from U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base went undetected until a supplier noticed four of them advertised on eBay, according to federal court records.

A CentCom official ordered an inventory, putting it in the hands of a Riverview man who now admits to being the thief.

Scott Duty’s signed federal plea agreement spells out those details and more, in anticipation of a hearing next month in which he is expected to plead guilty to stealing government property.

Duty, a former civilian CentCom employee who is 48, could face up to 10 years in prison.

There’s no evidence of a data breach, U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman William Daniels said in February, when Duty was indicted, and again on Tuesday.

The indictment alleged that Duty stole computers worth $5,499. Further investigation showed he also took electronic switches and tablets, the plea agreement states. In all, the devices were worth $28,137. Read the rest of this entry »

Economic Sign of the Times?

photo by Kelly Eden

photo by Kelly Eden

No, but it sure is cold outside. Photographer Kelly Eden explains:

“This was an artistic experimental performance 
people were much more concerned that I wanted a boob job rather then the fact that I was begging for money with a cardboard sign on the side of the street in the dead of winter… in fact, I was wearing a see through shredded sweater with nothing but a bra on underneath.. no one was even concerned if I was freezing or not..
…. I learned something today….. It’s degrading for women to have cosmetic surgery… but begging on the streets is totally acceptable”