Dinesh DSouza: Wait Until President Obama Sees My New Film


 writes:  Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, the director and co-writer of the highly successful documentary 2016: Obama’s America, told the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday that “after we did 2016, President Obama was very upset… If he was upset about that film, wait ’til he sees the new one.”

 “I was seventeen years old when I first set eyes on America… Even then I knew I could be the architect of my own destiny.”

D’Souza’s new movie, America, produced by Oscar winner Gerald Molen and John Sullivan, will debut in July.

“We are living in the American era, an era that began at the end of World War II, but this moment is very fragile…”

D’Souza was indicted for violating federal election laws in January by the Department of Justice. Many saw the move as pure political payback against an outspoken critic of President Obama. On Tuesday, D’Souza appeared in court with his attorney in New York City, who signaled his client was prepared to go to trial.

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