The end product of 80 years of progressivism is….

Rolling Stone: Obama is the “Progressive Firewall”

If you’re looking for Obama hagiography and a featurette on “A Day in the Life of Tom Hanks,” then the new issue is all you. Today’s epitaph for what Walter Russell Mead calls “the blue social model”:

Viewed through the lens of history, Obama represents a new type of 21st-century politician: the Progressive Firewall. Obama, simply put, is the curator-in-chief of the New Deal, the Fair Deal, the New Frontier and the Great Society. When he talks about continued subsidies for Big Bird or contraceptives for Sandra Fluke, he is the inheritor of the Progressive movement’s agenda, the last line of defense that prevents America’s hard-won social contract from being defunded into oblivion.

The end product of 80 years of progressivism is … Big Bird and Sandra Fluke? I’d dare Obama to run on that, but he already is.


The Greenroom

Panic is Delicious

…In the 2012 election, as long as Obama was inevitable, he was inevitable. Beyond the pundits, there was the emerging belief that the macro polling models of guys like Nate Silver could not be wrong. The basic message was, “Obamas certainty of reelection is so large entirely new domains of mathematics are required to state it properly.”

The arguments for Romneys election were always framed as, “Well, IF he wins Florida and IF he wins Virginia and IF Hillary is an Al Qaida sleeper agent and IF Biden is caught in a Delaware hotel room with a Guatemalan pan flute band and a non-consenting farm animal…then maybe theres a fraction of a chance.”

The political media declared Mitt Romney dead for thirty long days between the end of the convention and the debate. But somewhere in those thirty days, Mitt Romney was born again.  Hard.

You can see the fear in the Obama campaign now, as they careen from message to message, flailing, desperate for something – anything – to stick.

You can see their gyros tumbling as they slew from Big Bird to abortion to “Mitt Romney is a lying liar liarpants McLiar” to the walking disaster that is Stephanie Cutter every time she opens her mouth to the remarkable, bizarre interview the Three Divas Axelrod, Plouffe and Messina, obviously gave Mark Halperin this week. Their campaign is out of control, and they know it…

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Golden Feathers: Big Bird–Super-Wealthy, Subsidized, Greed-mongering Member of Top 1%

“…did you know the president of Sesame Workshop makes more than the president of the United States? 

…That year, Sesame Workshop president and CEO Gary Knell got $684,144 in reportable compensation from his job. The salary of the US president is fixed by law at $400,000, though the job does come with use of a house, Camp David, and Air Force One…”


Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs said Wednesday he didn’t know of any plans to take down the controversial ad featuring the famous feathery star, despite a request by Sesame Workshop… 


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