Conservative Blogger Javier Manjarres Arrested for Attempted Murder 


A prominent Florida political blogger has been arrested in Broward County.

Javier F. Manjarres, 44, was arrested Saturday by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. He was charged with attempted murder. An arrest report was not immediately available Monday.


According to a Jan. 2012 report in the Miami New Times, this is not Manjarres first run in with the law. In 1995, he was arrested for burglary with assault.


According to the Miami New Times story, Manjarres drove to the Boca Raton home of a man who, at the time, was dating Manjarres’ ex-girlfriend. Manjarres reportedly punched the man while the woman called 911….(read more)

Source: Florida Politics – Miami New Times

Liberals’ Response to Dissent: Shut Up 

shut up

Michael Baronebarone-sq writes: “‘Shut up,’ he explained.” Those words are from Ring Lardner‘s short story “The Young Immigrunts.” They’re an exasperated father’s response from the driver’s seat to his child’s question, “‘Are you lost, Daddy?’ I asked tenderly.”

They also can be taken as the emblematic response of today’s liberals to anyone questioning their certitudes. A response that at least sometimes represents the uneasy apprehension of the father in the story that they have no good answer.

“We are told that speech codes are necessary because some students may be offended by what others say. In recent years we have been warned that seemingly innocuous phrases may be ‘microaggressions’ that must be stamped out and that “trigger warnings” should be administered to warn students of possibly upsetting material.”

It was not always so. Today’s liberals, like those of Lardner’s day, pride themselves on their critical minds, their openness to new and unfamiliar ideas, their tolerance of diversity and differences. But often that characterization seems as defunct as Lardner, who died at an unhappily early age in 1935.

“Beyond the campus, liberals are also eager to restrict free speech. This is apparent in some responses to those who argue that global warming may not be as inevitable and harmful as most liberals believe, and that while increased carbon emissions would surely raise temperatures if they were the only factor affecting climate, some other factors just might be involved.”

[Read the full story here, at Washington Examiner]

Consider the proliferation of speech codes at our colleges and universities. The website of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education sets out the speech codes at 400 of the nation’s largest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning. The liberals who run these institutions — you won’t find many non-liberals among their faculties and administrations — have decided to limit their students’ First Amendment right of freedom of speech. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: Blogger Ananta Bijoy Das Hacked to Death by Masked Islamic Militants


Ananta was the editor of science based Magazine Jukti and he regularly contributed to Mukto-Mona Blog whose founder Avijit Roy was slain in February

A secular blogger in Bangladesh has been hacked to death in north-eastern Bangladesh in the third such deadly attack since the start of the year, police say.

Ananta Bijoy Das was attacked by a masked gang wielding machetes in the city of Sylhet, reports say.


“A friend of Mr Das says he was on an alleged hit list of atheist bloggers held by Islamist militants.”

He is the third blogger to be killed in Bangladesh since February.

Mr Das wrote blogs for Mukto-Mona, a website once moderated by Avijit Roy, himself hacked to death in February.

Mr Roy, a Bangladeshi-born US writer who had criticised religious intolerance, was killed in a machete attack while he was visiting the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka.

And in March, another blogger, Washiqur Rahman, was hacked to death in Dhaka.

A friend of Mr Das says he was on an alleged hit list of atheist bloggers held by Islamist militants.

“In recent months, [Mr Das] received threats from extremists for his writings. He was on their hit list,” Debasish Debu, told the AFP news agency….(more)

[BBC News]

Sylhet reports: Masked assailants have hacked blogger Ananta Bijoy Das to death in Subid Bazar area of Sylhet.

The incident took place around 8:30am on Tuesday.

Sylhet airport police station OC Gousul Hossain confirmed the death to the Dhaka Tribune.

Sommilito Natto Parishad General Secretary Rajat Kanti Gupta said: “Ananta was also the member of organising body of local Gonojagoron Moncho. He used to write in Mukto-mona blog.”

Ananta was the editor of science based Magazine Jukti and he regularly contributed to Mukto-Mona Blog whose founder Avijit Roy was slain in February 25.

Ananta also received Mukto-Mona Rationalist Award in 2006. He wrote several books including Parthib, 2001 (co-authored with Saikat Chowdhury), Darwin: Ekhush Shatake Prasongikota Ebong BhabnaSoviet Union-E Bigyan O Biplob: Lisenko Odday etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Remember when Michael Grimm threatened to throw a reporter off the Capitol balcony?

Russian Lawmakers Back Harsh Regulation of Bloggers


Russian lawmakers on Tuesday passed draconian legislation that cracks down on the content of popular blogs, forcing top bloggers to adhere to laws similar to those for mass media.

“The government would have unlimited opportunity for censorship of the Internet.”

— Kommersant Business Daily

Opponents of the law say it is so vaguely worded that it could be used to target any of the social networking sites and blogs that make up Russia’s most vibrant forum for opposition political debate.

Dr. Bill van Bise, electrical engineer, conducting a demonstration of Soviet scientific data and schematics for beaming a magnetic field into the brain to cause visual hallucinations. Source: CNN Source: Supplied

Dr. Bill van Bise, electrical engineer, conducting a demonstration of Soviet scientific data and schematics for beaming a magnetic field into the brain to cause visual hallucinations. Source: CNN 

“We are scared by the number of unarticulated points in the law and the lack of clear and transparent rules of the game,” warned the general director of Russia’s top social network VKontakte, Boris Dobrodeyev, quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency.

“That means you can’t bad-mouth a political opponent or write something bad about the police.”

—  blogger Andrei Malgin, on the Echo of Moscow radio station’s website

The head of the Kremlin human rights council advisory body, Mikhail Fedotov advised against passing the legislation, which he called stricter than existing laws covering Internet media and so broad it would even apply to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who writes a blog.


Under the new law, bloggers with more than 3,000 readers per day will be required to submit personal details to a special register.  Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Mary Katharine Ham Accepts 2014 Pundit Planet Media Blogger of the Year Award (also Wins CPAC Award)


“Pundit from..what? Who? I’ve never heard of this website..or this award…but..thanks..I think…”

In related news, Mary Kathrine Ham was also honored at CPAC

(contgrats MKH!) Hot Air

[Video] The Bystander Presidency, and the Media’s Employment Security

Raison d’être: why your job matters. Reporters, keep reporting. Bloggers? Keep blogging! Anchor-people, keep..anchoring. News writers, keep writing! Why?

Because that’s how the president finds out about stuff.

From the Right Scoop via The Greenroom, a ‘portrait of a man who’s having a rough week’